Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the GOOD the BAD & the UGLY

I'm not sure if it is possible to have a YUCK day,
and a Wonderful day all in the same day....
BUT I think I have just had my FIRST one !!!
More than once yesterday I wanted to say @##$%^^&@@
and had to bite my tongue to keep it in..
THEN I had my first night of Upholstery Class and
got so excited I almost wet my pants...

The only problem with my class is that a sewing machine is the first requirement
and.... up until about 28 minutes before class I had one..
I was hemming my dad some curtains and WHAM it just stopped
with the needle stuck right in the fabric... STUCK and frozen..
NOTHING at all would move.
Brad took it apart and (he can fix most anything)
He said... NO WAY could he fix this motor..

Then he said.. "by the way"...
The dryer isn't working either... but I think I can fix it..
Until it's fixed however, we have to tumble our clothes with NO heat.
So it takes about 3 hours per load.
Now I'm sure we all have that much time to spare..
Then... if that wasn't enough the Water Pump on my car went out.
All I could say was... "Can you fix that?"
I'm not sure if it is just me...
But why is it when you are the most broke
you seem to have the most trouble ?
So... I decided I would try my best not to let the DAY get me down...
I'd take a nice long bubble bath, relax and calm down.
But.. in the last 2 years I can't seem to sneak off to the bath without
a "little fellow" wanting to get in and "SWIM with you MOMMA"
Of course he was in before I could try to explain that
mom wanted to swim by herself...
I figured...OK I'll just let him play & I'll still sit here & relax.
Before I even had a chance to close my eyes and build a relaxing thought
I heard the bubbles blowing in my water..
Then... the giggles saying "I tooted!"

Yes.. I said.. I heard that...
I then became a human shelf for all the plastic bugs, fish, blocks, ducks,
and other assortment of bath toys that have now taken over my ledge
that once held candles and sweet smelling bubble bath.
As my leg balanced the 20 or more bugs I felt an intense water pressure
pushing against my "non shelf" leg...
Then again with the giggles...
and a tiny voice that said " I peed"
Yes.... I know.. I said
I couldn't help but laugh as "my swim" quickly came to an end..
Some days you just gotta figure God knows best and try to smile.
May we never forget that "this too shall pass"
Some times you've just gotta giggle and go with it !!
NEVER take a Relaxing Bath ALONE for granted !!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bad day but so glad you can see the blessing even on the "trying days." What a blessing to get to swim with little Brady. Not so sure about that extra activity in the water though. Ha.

Darla said...

oh my that brought back some fierce memories for me. mine used to take baths with me...and it all sounded so familiar, haha. i know when it rains it pours, i pray that you will get your 'stuff' fixed very very soon! that is frustrating when the dryer breaks, i mean, why can't it be the oven? that wouldn't be as big of a deal right?

Alberta said...

Well, your terrible, awful, horrible, good day provided ME with plenty of giggles. Sorry, girl but it's true!

If you have a moment, I'd love for you to stop by my blog to pick up an invitation to a very special blog event. And I hope tomorrow is better!

HeARTfully yours,

April said...

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say many times in the future...Your insight on life always gives me a little something just when I need it. I have had a pretty rough weekend into the week and haven't had many smiles but as I read your blog tonight I smiled and chuckled a little to myself. It was just the medicine I needed. I am so glad you and your family came into our lives. Throughout our lives people come in and out of our lives, sometimes leaving way too soon. That unfortunately I have learned the hard way this week. I hope you don't leave too soon because my life truly wouldn't be the same without you in it!!