Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pillows and Paint and Pictures OH My

As the Makeover continues our house becomes cleaner and cleaner
and I become messier and messier.
My fingernails look like a Jr. High Science Fair project.
I have so much paint, stain, and I'm sure dirt under them that
washing my hands has become a futile effort.
I must say however that I don't really care. haha
I am almost finished with another room and well on my way to a New House.

This little table is right beside the front door as you walk in the house.
It was an old sewing table base that I bought about 10 years ago at a junk store.
We put a top on it, and I painted it a turquoise mix of colors.
As my vow continues in this "makeover"
to ONLY KEEP those things that I love,
absolutely need, or are over the moon precious to me...
I added some of my favorite things to the top!

I bought the mirror at the 1st Flea Market Brad and I ever went to together.
Painted it to match my table, and I love it.
The suitcase was my Sweet Granny's back in the 30's.
It still has a paper label with her name and address on the top.
Of course some polka dots, and one of my favorite pictures
of Brook building a sand castle
and Brady this summer at the ocean.
On the other side of the front door is now one of my favorite walls.
I have jillions of pictures, but some continue to be my ALL Time Favorites.
I decided to hang some of the black and white ones I LOVE best
all together on this wall.
Here is a bigger view.
I painted this garage sale dresser some time last year.
Moving it over to this wall however seems to give it a whole new look.
Now as I leave my house (which isn't too often) ha
I feel like I'm in a completely new house.
It really is amazing how moving stuff around gives your house
A Brand New Feel !!
And so far I haven't spent a penny except for one can of white paint.
Here is the view from the other side of the painted chest.
This room used to be just a walk through nothing room really.
After we moved the GINORMOUS table in for Thanksgiving
Brady and I really enjoyed having a table in it.
The best light comes in here through these windows.
and ....Brady and I colored and drew in here every day while it was in here.
So.. I moved a table we had in another place into this room.
The sides of it fold down, and I had it in the hall as kind of a side table.
It works perfect in here and
I can happily say Brady and I have colored in here on it already.
You can't see it.... but in the back end of the little pick-up are our crayons,
and the suitcase is full of papers and coloring pages. haha
Beside the coloring table is an old antique shelf that my dad
used to have in his office many many years ago.
I'm not even sure how I ended up with it, but glad I did.
It used to be in the living room, and has now found a new home.
I took everything out of it including a shelf and filled it
with some of my Granny's crocks and other "white stuff".
Topped it with my clock I bought for next to nothing cause it didn't work,
and painted it last year black and added polka dots.
The candle sticks on top of the piano
are my next project.
I'm going to paint them all different colors and make them look old (I hope)
I added our last year's family picture
and used and old frame around it to add some color.
space This chair is sitting by the piano.
I bought it last year at a garage sale on the way home from taking pictures.
I added some paint to it a while back
(still not quite finished with it)
but it is a great pop of color in this room.
Now for my last project in this room....
THE PIANO.. It was black
I painted it white, then didn't like it.
So tonight when my (little helper) is occupied
I am going to paint a giant floral frenzy all over it!!
As my project continues I continue to be amazed at
how different our house looks !
And I am even more determined to move every single thing
in this house in my endeavour for a New Start and a New Look.
May we be ever reminded that underneath some of our furniture
are dust bunnies that have grown into full grown RABBITS !


April said...

I love your new rooms!! I can't wait til we get mine finished and I can post pictures too!! Call me when yours is all done and you can come help me with mine.

Becky said...

Okay! You leap ahead of me! I am totally inspired and don't know where to begin! But I love love love your polka dot clock and can't wait to see the piano~!

And speaking of coloring.....isn't that a gift from Above that only you and I can indulge in at the moment....so many fun moments! What have we done so good to deserve this "second" chance???

Darla said...

i love the truck with the crayons the most!!! but it all looks wonderful and new. i love the table and the cafe curtain and that whole area actually. that is where i would be hanging out coloring and having some coffee. ;)

Debbie said...

Just beautiful! And I love your goal to keep only what you dearly love. I need to adopt that policy - badly.

sara's art house said...

LOVE it all!!!!!! I adore the dresser and that huge clock is so great- everything is wonderful- I would be very happy living there :) :)