Friday, January 15, 2010

The REAL Staci Danford

Will the real Staci Danford
PLEASE Stand UP !!!!

Ok... I have got to tell you the most wonderful...
YET absolutely TRUE story ever!!!!
I got a phone call last week from the most precious new person I know..
Her name was Stacey Danford...
YES.. I promise it is true !!
She has been following me on my Blog for a while now,
and bless her heart gathered up the courage to give me a call.
She is married to my husband's 2nd cousin..
Now isn't that a small world.
Anyway.. We've texted (if that is a word) and emailed back and forth
AND... yesterday we meet for LUNCH..
I am so incredibly excited, not only to have met a wonderful new friend,....
But how much fun is it to have one with exactly the same name..
WE talked as fast as we could for 2 straight hours.
She is such a darling person. Full of energy and Genuine LOVE for her family.
I laughed and smiled, and felt the most wonderful sense
of WOW as I left there yesterday.
We have made a dear vow to get together more.
I'm NOT sure if the world is big enough for 2 of us...
YET.. I'm so bubbled over to give it a try!!
I am just thrilled too death that my 2010 has started off with such a
fabulous DISCOVERY (#5) .... A NEW FRIEND..
One in which I am so grateful took the time to give me a call.
May we all be filled with the courage to reach out and give something NEW
a chance.... You never know where life's path my lead...
Might just introduce you to yourself !


Becky said...

How fun!!!!!!!!! You already have some cute cute boots! Love the "discovery" attitude! And by the way, Mark commented out of fun one night, he just turned off the "20" lamps in our I know someone else who has a lamp, pillow, and napkin fetish! It's your cuckoo girlfriend from back home!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Staci!! Boy did I get a HUGE surprise when I checked in on you tonight!! I couldn't believe my eyes and I feel so HONORED that you wrote about me & you! I had just as much fun as you did and can't wait to do it again!
Stacey Danford

the gypsy chick said...

This is too cute! I just love meeting a new someone that you just instantly click with, and you can sit and talk like you have know each other for years!

the gypsy chick said...

What a small world Staci, are you a cougar or an eagle?