Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pull out the RED lipstick

WELL.. Scarlett was right..
Today was a whole new day and a whole new attitude.
I woke up this morning with a million ideas and
a restored sense of faith that God knows my heart
and if something out there has my name on it...
then he'll send it my way.
Until then... I decided I'd put on some RED lipstick
and start my day with a BANG..
I can't remember which blog I read it on...
( I blog hop during my free time.. It is so much FUN!!)
but they said they were going to wear RED lipstick for an entire week
and see how it changed their mood..
Well I can tell you it just perked mine up GOOD..
Brady and I finished up his monkey pillows (all but the stuffing).
Then.. we went on a date to the donut shop
for our favorite donut holes with sprinkles..
We sat inside at the cute little tables, watching all the people going by..
AND... all mind you in my warm ups....
BUT with RED lipstick...
Tomorrow I'm going to work on Brady's bedspread, finish the rest of
the pillows, and maybe start on his new Monkey Tree...
But... I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it
in RED lipstick...

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful suggestions..
I fully plan on putting a few of them right to work.
May we never under estimate the power of RED lipstick...
Next time you're having a bad day...
Give it a try !!!


Anonymous said...

So glad that red lipstick worked for you. You just be watching for God to open the door to the perfect thing, because He is especially fond of you. How wonderful that He is fond of each and everyone of us.
Love you,

Darla said...

Gosh your mom is sweet! Anyway, I love how those pillows turned out, and I am glad the red lipstick worked for you. I look horrible in red lipstick, will it still work for me? lol.