Monday, January 18, 2010

Monkey Pillows

As I have mention before....
I am TOTALLY addicted to Pillows !!
I think they are just the best cheap fun in all the world.
And in my opinion (which counts to NO one but me) haha...
I think they are the quickest way to change up a room that there is !
I am finished with our part of the bedroom...
BUT.. since we share it with Brady
All the bedrooms in our house are upstairs except the Master..
And I am old and knew I wouldn't want to be climbing stairs when
he was a baby.. Nor have to worry about him trying to go up and down.
so.... he shares our room with us...
I now am working on his corner...
He is TOTALLY nuts about monkeys....
so I decided I would make him some monkey pillows that
would tie into the colors of our bedroom.
That way we'd all feel like we belonged. haha
I have lots of Goodwill sweaters that I have kept on standby
for just the right project... AND a fuzzy monkey is the
perfect place to put them to good use.
I cut out shapes to make the monkeys
using lots of different left over scraps.
Brady thought I was building him a giant monkey puzzle.
I must say he was very disappointed when I got
all the pieces sewn on and he thought he could no longer play.
We made several different ones using our "stand by" sweaters.
Somehow though every time I'd get one all laid out and ready..
They would end up like this !!!
Now that is a good time neither of us was expecting..
Discovery #6
Never underestimate the power of free fun !!
(No toys required)
I don't really know if he had more fun taking them apart,
or putting them back together..
Either way... He now has a new bag full of monkey parts
to make puzzles with any time he wants..
I'm still working on the pillows,
and have started him a bedspread made out of 2 different throws
sewn together. They too I'm sure will be filled with big monkeys...
May we never forget "It is not how many things we give our
children... but how much of ourselves that we give that matters."


Darla said...

such cute pillows and such a happy boy! how fun to be able to make him cute stuff still, it's got to make your heart smile! wish mine were little and i could make some monkey pillows, :( i'm jealous.

Becky said...

Okay, that's it! I want to learn to sew! Monkey pillows are a must! We love the "monkey" clothes at Target! You are lucky to be so close to one to get "opcorn and icee"! Our new favorite outing in Lubbock and Abilene!

I thank God everyday for giving me this "extra" little guy to love! We are nutty over him! Just as your family is over Brady! They are two lucky little "monkeys"!

lori vliegen said...

well, now i know what's missing in my life....a monkey pillow!!! how fun is that?!! and your little brady is about as cute as he can be!! keep having fun.....they grow up SO fast!! hugs, :))