Saturday, January 9, 2010

Word for the YEAR

I used to be a BIG resolution maker..
But.... let's face it.. those last about as long as January (if that long)
and we quickly seem to drift back to the way things WERE.
So..... this year I have decided that I was not going to make any more resolutions.
After all... Change is something that comes from deep within..
AND , it is always a process that takes way longer
than any of us would like it to..
Therefore... I have decided (like many people in blog world )
to dedicate my 2010 to a single word.
My word for this year is DISCOVER !!!
I hope in 2010 to learn to discover
more of who I am.
Discover more of the things that I LOVE to do,
and try those in which I used to think I'm not very good at.
I have vowed that each month I will discover 1 new person to be a friend to.
As my precious friend Sherry once told me
"Sometimes you have to go WAY outside of your comfort zone to find the greatest treasures."
She has lived all over the world and some of the people she has learned from and cherished
the most are those that she would have NORMALLY never befriended.
I want to discover new places to eat (ones that I would never try before)
Discover new stores to dig through.
I want to discover new things to do with my children.
Discover and Visit a place I would normally NEVER go.
I want to try on and wear something I would never have worn last year.
I want to DISCOVER a way to use my creative heart.
I want to discover a place to volunteer and make a difference.
and most of all.....
at the end of 2010
I want to DISCOVER that I am not sitting here
exactly the SAME person as I am today.
I am a firm believer that LIFE is ever changing....
and if we are growing then each new year,
though filled with many ups and downs
could be the BEST one of our lives.
May your 2010 be filled with many magical moments.
AND may you DISCOVER the blessings that each day holds!


Anonymous said...

As you go on your "discovery" adventure in 2010, remember that our lives do have peaks and valleys but your faith will not lead where God's grace will not sustain you. What a wonderful adventure it will be, have FUN.
Love you bunches.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's about time I quit silently "lurking" and leave you a comment, huh? I love the word for the year idea and have read it on several other blogs. I've been contemplating my word...
I want to be January's new friend!! I can't wait to meet you this week. Send me a text or call and let me know when you want to meet up. Wed morning is out now, but I still have from 12:30-2 that day and also Tues or Thurs 9-2 still work for me. Let me know!
the other Stacey Danford

The Gypsy Chick said...

I am thrilled to have Discovered your blog, and can't wait to follow you on your journey!
(I found you through Deb's blog)
I love the word DISCOVER & have been on my own "Journey of Self Discovery" for about a month now, and it has been very interesting.-Amy
p.s. your mom's comment is beautiful.

Alberta said...

Staci, You are as wise as you are adorable. This picture just makes me want to crawl out from under my blanket and kick up my heels too! I'm going to take a page from your book and try to be more adventurous this year myself. Visits to your blog always lighten my heart and fill my eyes with joy.


Becky said...

Just now commenting, sorry! How cleverly (is that a word?) said, I am with you on every word, every new thought, every new space, every new idea, every new hug,! Exciting! I am out to discover my surroundings more than ever now! We are a lucky pair having a little "side kick" to tag along! Makes things seem so much clearer? Why is that???

Darla said...

well said, well written. i agree that some of the greatest treasures are not where we expect them (friendships especially)