Friday, January 22, 2010

Results of the RED lipstick

Ok.. I completely have to laugh at how the RED lipstick
has had an effect on things around here the last 2 days.
I can tell you that the results
may not have all been positive...
But they were results NONE the Less !
I had a quick photo shoot today with a sweet little girl,
so... when I was all finished I took a couple of pictures of
myself to show you the RED lipstick in person.. haha
Yesterday... I kept noticing that Brady was staring at me..
He'd say "I love you momma" over and over.
He says that quite often anyway... but he was adding to it ....
"I need a kiss momma...I need a kiss"
It didn't dawn on me until I saw his little face covered
with RED smooches as to why he was staring and asking for kisses..
Then later I noticed Brad looking at me in an odd sort of way..
He finally asked me "Why you gettin your face all dressed up?"
I nearly laughed my liver out of place trying to hold in my giggles...
Then last night was our Church Life Group
(we have the meetings at my house)....
I was running behind and didn't even get to change clothes before they got here.
So... I had on my uniform (warm-ups)
with my Red lipstick...
Brook walked in and asked me
"Why didn't you just change clothes if you were tryin to impress someone?"
I couldn't help but bust out on that one..
I said I was making a point to wear Red lipstick all week
since I'd read about someone else doing it on their blog.
I wanted to see if it made a difference..
She just looked at me and said..." Weird.. but whatever works!"
So.. as my week continues...
I thought I'd share a few of my RED giggles
as well as.... sharing with you the untold Power
that a little tube of lipstick holds.. haha
I also found the blog where I originally saw the idea behind
the RED lipstick... and will share it too in case you have time to hope over.
May we always be willing to give something absolutely fun and silly a try...
It might not always turn out fabulous... but it's worth a moment of your life.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the red lipstick definitely gets to be "Discovery #7"!! May just try it myself. Ha.

Darla said...

looks good on you, wish i could say the same for myself! ha!

lori vliegen said...

you inspire me more than you'll ever know!! and you're as cute as a bug, too!!! i'm off to buy some red lipstick today.... hugs, :))

Debbie said...

That is such a fun idea. How interesting to hear how people responded.