Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Discovery #1

WELL... Today I made my first DISCOVERY in 2010...
Brad discovered the absolute perfect place for me a studio/store.
He saw it a few nights ago while he was at work,
and wrote the number down for me to call about it.
Today while we were out we went by to look at it..
YES... it's official I am in LOVE...
We called about it while I was looking in the window,
and the guys who owned it were around the corner.
They let us look inside....
AND my head went immediately to DREAMING...
At this point in my life there is no way we can afford it...
BUT tonight while I was painting...
I discovered that it was almost as fun
to just imagine myself there.
I was painting in my perfect studio !!!
(of course with my trusty side-kick)
Here is my finished painting..
Brady and I had the best time working on it..
He LOVES to name off the colors I am using.
And tells me to do it faster MOMMA faster..
I believe whole heartedly that ART is a process.
One in which you really can't screw up.
Sometimes things don't turn out exactly like I wanted,
but usually I just adjust a little something and it turns out fine.
After all ART is from the Heart of those who create it...
SO... how can it be right or wrong..
I started with a Garage Sale painting I bought for $1.
So to everyone out there...
Take your next spare dollar and give painting a try.
It's the best relaxation in the world... (nearly)
Just paint over the image that already lives on your canvas.
Let it quickly dry (not all the way)
and go over it again with another similar color
until the base of the painting is covered.
Next decide exactly what you are going to paint,
AND.... just get started!
I try to do my darkest colors first.
They ground the picture and keep the weight on the inside of the image.
Rules are always made to be broken in Art,
and sometimes your best work happens that way..
But.. that will give you a general rule to start with. haha
I knew I wanted a floral,
so I just started randomly painting leaves of varying shades of green.
Don't try to do it neat or perfect..
that will mess you up every time!
Just start painting, and swiping over the greens with other shades of green
to give your leaves some depth.
Next I just placed a few blobs around the painting
where I knew I wanted a flower to be..
You can always go back and add more,
so sometimes less is best at first.
It's much harder to take them off,
but can be done with some green paint. ha
I just kept going over my blobs to give them texture and depth
until I got them like I wanted..
Then I went back and painted a few more leaves,
and went around the flowers at the top with some darker blue
to give the illusion of some sky.
One down and one more to go tomorrow and
my Bedroom makeover will be finished too.
Stay tuned for the final room shots..
May we always feel the freedom to give something a TRY,
and never let the fear of failure STOP us in our tracks.


sara's art house said...

Love the flowers!

Darla said...

ok, i am going to try this... i have always wanted to.

i love all the colors in your painting! i'm sure your son is happy happy happy being surrounded by all that color everyday...he doesn't live in a boring, nuetral looking world. his is full of color! yay MOM!