Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I know it has been forever since I've written... WOW..... almost a month in fact. Didn't realize quite that much time had gone by.. I've just been going non-stop since the holidays and haven't made time to walk upstairs to get on my computer. I took the entire month of December off to spend with my family. It is usually one of the busiest months for photographers. But... after the whole Lance accident I just felt like my work needed to take a backseat. And, after a month and some serious considerations I have decided to keep that same mind set and take it with me into 2009. I told all of my family that I was dedicating this whole year to them. I am going to work less, play more, and enjoy the moments we have together. Lance's accident has taught our whole family a very important lesson......... LIFE can change in an instant... Remember what's important and all the rest can wait. So, for 2009 I will have much less work to blog about, and a whole lot more family stories, pictures, and words of 42 year old wisdom.

By the way.... for all of you out there who had Lance in your prayer and wondered what has been going on with him.... I can tell you that I just took them BOTH back to college last weekend. The doctors are all amazed at how far he has come. He was released from his therapy after passing all the tests for brain functions. God was watching over him and healing things the "powers that be" said would never be the same. Every day he is getting better and better. We laughed all through supper that Brent was supposed to be the one who was watching out for him this semester helping him to be responsible to take all of his medicines. haha Some things never change because when I left Lance was reminding Brent to study.


darla said...

i think it's awesome what you are doing this year with your family...it shouldn't be too hard with Brooke who lights up a room with her smile and that irresistable little guy you have now! And of course Brent, he's been such a good friend, i know you are proud of him...you are a really blessed woman! and you said it right, our world can change in an instant, i hope to remember that.

Courtney said...


I'm so glad that I have found you on here and can keep up with you guys! :) Brady is precious!

Love your new goal! Spending time with the ones we love is awesome. Tell Miss Brookie I said hello.

Keep in touch girl! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to have a new blog to read and I'm looking forward to having more of your time this year. I know you will fit your Mom in that busy schedule of yours. I praise God for Lance's recovery and that those two can continue their time at college as roommates. What a special friendship they have.
Love you always,