Thursday, January 22, 2009

Horse full of Happy

What a wonderful, beautiful, summer-like day in January it has been.
I couldn't be more thankful to live in Texas than I was today....
You just gotta love an 84 degree winter day.
Or at least I do.
Makes my whole body and mind warm and full
when I see the sun shining outside.
Someday I'd love a house with all glass on both the East and West
sides so I could have the sun shining in all day long.
Something about the sun just fills my soul.
I love to ride with the windows down and feel the heat from the road.
We (mostly Brad) drive out to Brock to feed the horses
extra feed (besides their hay)
every Tuesday and Thursday.
Today, Brad's dad met us out there.
He was riding each horse and talking to them like they were people.
What a joy to see someone so full of passion for something.
It shows all over their face.
Papa (Brad's dad) will be 70 years old in April and climbs on those horses like a kid.
You can just see his spirit lift as he becomes ageless in that saddle.
It is true that joy is contagious.
I watched it first hand today as Little Brady
climbed right up in the saddle with his Papa to ride.
He didn't exactly know what was going to happen....
But he knew to TRUST. Trust the joy in the face of Papa.
Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of their lives today.
Sometimes it's the big events that get all the attention, but really it's the little ones that make life worth watching.


darla said...

this is great!

darla said...

ok how about the letter...J...and we are going to the Arlington cheer competition this weekend, is Brooke's team gonna be at that one?

Staci Danford said...

We have one but it's in Garland. AWE... Would have loved to run into you guys. Will ya'll be at the one in San Antonio Feb 6th.