Thursday, March 12, 2009

Slow but SURE

Ok.. My home redo has been a super SLOW process this time.
I have been feeling so YUCK that I just can't get much done.
Here is a tiny sample of some of the projects I have in the works..
SPACE here
I LOVE black and white....
So I put a touch of it everywhere.
I also LOVE polka-dots and floral, so I've got lots of that too.
I couldn't find the pillow I wanted.........
SO I painted this one, and sewed fringe around it.
space here

I painted my version of a FLORAL fabulous day. With my favorite colors, and added it on the wall with my great garage sale chair and table.
I painted my very favorite of all time GARAGE SALE chair (not finished yet) added some fringe and that's what you see when you head to the bedroom. HAPPY and FUN.

Here's my bedroom... I love this HUGE room. It is great. My white crappy/lovely furniture relaxes me, and the crazy mix of color just bubbles my mood. Even Brad doesn't mind.

Didn't paint this picture.. BUT love love it... Found it at some JUNK store, and knew someday I'd have the perfect place for it. It has been patiently waiting under the bed for it's rotation into the house of color. I painted my big clock (garage sale) turquoise and added it to the rest of my collection.

I also painted my favorite old frog turquoise (who used to live in the flowerbed), and added him to my piano top. He's fun to see and Brady loves him..

I found this canvas at some Junk place, and had it "in waiting" to paint something on. I just added a simple scene with some crazy color and put that little fellow right up on my mantle.
I got the jars at Hobby Lobby in the 70% off sale, and painted numbers on them.
Not sure why that has caught my attention lately, but I am "in the liking of numbers phase".
I got the idea from one of my blog favorite places... Check her fun, fabulous stuff out.

Still working on this area... Ran out of steam, and can't keep any food down long enough to get stuff done... MERCY..
The last Dr and I are thinking gallbladder.. I'll keep you posted.
More tests, and more nausea before we know.. hee hee
Many blessing, and a house full of fun to you.
Enjoy your weekend.

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Darla said...

everything looks wonderfully beautiful and colorful, i can't believe you did all of this and didn't feel good! i'd hate to see what you do when you do feel well. i love seeing things that inspire me and this certainly does! i want some color as well right now. it's been wearing on me lately. i wish i had you living next door instead of in my computer, gosh.