Thursday, September 11, 2008

Young & Beautiful

As I watched Little Brooky (not so little) getting ready for the football game tonight I noticed how truly beautiful she has become right under my nose. I'm not really sure when the transformation from little girl to "hot babe" happened...... but I can assure you that it did. I still remember the silly girl who had not a stitch of hair until she was 2, and that -may I say -was not much either. We'd work all day to make an inch long pony tail. She had big ole chubby cheeks and a poochy belly and could roll her eyes with her hands on her hip at a drop of a hat. Never have I known before or since a more funny little child. So many times she could have me cracking up while I was trying so hard to get on to her. She'd sing and dance for anyone who would ask and was going to grow up and be Mary Kate and Ashley. Wow how time flies.. We took her pictures a few weeks ago just because we felt like having fun. She stood in the middle of down town with people stopping to see what movie star she might be. haha There were whistles and honks and she never batted an eye. She has always been a girl to chase her dreams and a fun time with both hands. Such a joy that crazy girl has been. She has the strength and confidence as a teenager that it took my 30 years to find. May good bless her and give her wings to fly.

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Alberta and Ava said...

What a beautiful, beautiful girl and lovely tribute. It certainly speaks to your mothering that she is such an independent soul. BTW I was reading your profile,and, if you think 40 is awesome (which it IS), wait until you're nearly 50! I hit the big five oh next Tuesday, and I've never been happier.