Thursday, June 4, 2009

I really am going to post something new..
I'm having to do this one from my laptop which has no pictures on it..
My computer is still a total mess..
I have tried everything..
I ran the registry cleaner..
Around 50 - 100 problems is normal I was told.....
Mine had......... 1442..
Now that, my friends, is a problem..
I was so excited though because I thought it would be fixed and fabulous again..
Not so much..
Still a mess.. I ran a defrag thing...
That too took forever because there were so many problems...
YET... continues to be so slow that you forget the joy of computers. I could truly draw my post faster than it will work on that darn computer..
So... bare with me.... It is going to the dr. tomorrow...
And hopefully will be good as new soon.


Darla said...

sorry bout the computer, i just hate when that happens. good luck!

Alberta and Ava said...

What a nightmare! This happened to me earlier this year, but my computer was such a dinosaur that, after 2 defragmentations and various other attempts to fix it, I just replaced it with a lovely new laptop. I hope you get your problem resolved soon. BTW your blog is one of the most visually stunning I've ever seen.