Monday, June 29, 2009

An Old Friend

Never in all my life did I think I would be taking this picture.
I hadn't seen Jammie in literally 25 years.
At my High School Reunion a few weeks ago we sat and talked for over an hour.
I told him I was a photographer and he said he hadn't had any family pictures
made in many ,many years.....
Then - - - -
WHAM.... Out of the blue
he called and said he and all 3 of his kids were going to be up this way if I had any time..

As luck would have it.....

My Friday cancelled and moved to Tuesday so it worked out perfectly.. It was the best fun to see him again and to meet his kids.. This is the very last picture we took and for sure one of my favorites.. His little girl was just the best.. Now that is a good time I never expected to have.. Thank you guys for driving all this way to let me share in your family pictures.

May we always remember that even 25 years isn't too long to reclaim an old friend.


Kayme Conway said...

Hey, dad's name has two m's xD but that was an awesome picture, i was glad you got it, i just ran and jumped into his arms then click and yay! haha. so also, somewhere in there you said a we talked.. it's and we talked, can't help it i'm a little editor, just giving you those heads ups! hope we can get our pictures soon. i'll email you later!

lori vliegen said...

how fun to catch up after 25 years!! i have a good friend that i've known since we were in 8th grade (a VERY long time ago!). we don't talk often, but when we do, it's like no time has passed at all....we just pick up where we left off! i'm so glad that you had a chance to pick up where you left off with your friend and his family! :)