Saturday, June 27, 2009

My PITY Party

For years and years when I am having a gloomy day
or my own personal pity party
I've said
"Maybe tomorrow I'll just wake up as Farrah Fawcett."
Then it dawned on me that she doesn't get to wake up ever again....
soooooooooo in the midst of my YUCK day it sobered up my party right quick.

I have felt sorry for her family for 2 days.. Not to take away anything from Michael Jackson's family ( I know that they are full of grief as well), however..... her death has seemed to be so almost forgotten. It was totally engulfed in his shadow.. I remember so well the day of my brother's funeral as we were leaving the service I could hear children somewhere in the distance screaming and laughing. My first thought was "How dare them..." then, I realized that they didn't even know my brother.. To them life was just moving on as usual.. The sting of that moment has popped up in my mind many times over the last 5 years. Each time I pass a cemetery and see a funeral taking place - I know to them if feels as if today has stopped time. It is almost unfair that the rest of the world can't see their hurt as they go on with the nerve to giggle. But.. That's the way life happens and I'm sure for good reason..

So...while I wanted to throw a fit, cry, or go buy something fun and expensive

I pulled up my (already too high waisted) shorts....

got over my pity party and moved on with my day.

May we all be reminded that everyday is full of some one's pain, and learn to be more thankful. Even for the days that make you want to go to bed at 3 in the afternoon just so you can start over fresh in the morning.


Darla said...

i understand pity parties, i have my share of them. one of them lately has been about living in this town...i try to get away as often as possible. it's getting harder and harder all the time to enjoy it here. uugghh. i'm trying to make the best of it, it's not easy, but i do know there are way worse things to have to go through in life. thanks for reminding me of that.

LauraLoo said...

Staci! Thanks for your super sweet comment on my post and for your post! This weekend I spent it with my boyfriend's dear family, his grandfather, whom they were all very close to passed away. Man oh man, your post rings so true. We all have a our pity parties, mine lately is not wanting to grow up and deal with the things that grown ups have to, but being with Dylan's family & feeling that pain with them def. makes you realize life can be so much worst and yet no matter must go on, and it does. Great great great post, you have a way of putting what we all go through in beautiful words! :)