Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waiting for a SLOW down

So sorry to all my wonderful BLOg friends that I have been so
YUCK at updating these last few weeks.
My computer issues have put a knot in my tail,
and left me not even wanting to fight it...
However... it is so true
( I can't remember where I read this)
I need my computer
because all my friends live in there...
Brad has taken 2 weeks off so we could finally start on our River Weekend Home.
We've had the land for almost 2 years and not done a thing with it until now..
I will have wonderful pictures coming soon of our temporary travel trailer,
we're staying in it while we build our cabin....
I'll give you a hint....
Brad's friend bought it for $ 500.
Then he gave it to us
because he didn't want to haul it to the dump ground.
I'll leave you with that thought in your mind...
But... It is so wonderful I can hardly stand it...
May we all have something free that turns out to be fabulous!!!!

1 comment:

Darla said...

that is awesome! can't wait to see it. i love finding the good in things that others toss out. it's sooo fun! and of course just seeing you in front of it will make it immediately WONDERFUL!