Friday, May 29, 2009

First Wreck

WELL... It has happened...
Brook had a wreck today.
I knew in her voice when I got the call that something was wrong.
She was getting up on I20 on her way to the lake with friends for their Friday FUN...
And she was doing that looking in front, beside, and behind all at the same time thing...
She was looking back when she should have been looking front.

Thank goodness no one was at all hurt.
Poor Brook's car is a mess, but the other guy had literally 3 scratches on his bumper..
I've had the same done to mine with a basketball.
I must say he was without a doubt
the rudest man
I have come across in a long while.
After the wreck he got out of his car looked at his bumper and got back in his truck..
Never once even looked at the girls, asked if they were ok, scared or hurt.
We pulled up to the wreck at the same time as the policeman and moved the girls off the freeway into a parking lot. The whole time we were there the man never said a single word. It was blatantly clear that the girls were scared to death.. I may be behaving overly mothersome... but I can't imagine being in a wreck with 2 young girls and not even asking if they were ok...
I hope his basketballs worth of damage was worth it....RUDE.


lori vliegen said...

i'm so glad that everyone is alright! car wrecks are the worst...especially when you're a young girl and you happen to run into the rudest man in town! maybe next time the basketball will hit his head instead of his bumper (oops, did i just say that?!). hang in there! :)

Darla said...

i am so glad that the girls are ok. this is the second blog i have read today where the daughter has had a wreck, ??? wow. again, i am so glad they are ok! that car doesn't look so good. :(

Pherenike said...

Im so glad the girls are ok. Once someone slammed into the back of our car, we were fine, and the first thing we did was check they were too. Its hard to believe some people have so little respect for fellow humans.