Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lost MY Mind

Ok... Seriously.....
This computer issue is about
over the edge of not so fabulous...
But... Since I wasn't in such a hurry today
I let this ole' machine take its forever sweet time
to get the stuff done that I wanted to post..
I had too much to share to just let it sit there. ha ha
This is my incredible, fabulously, wonderful new necklace I bought while I was in Snyder this week. An extremely talented sweet girl made it custom just for me...
HENCE the wonderful black and white
polka dot bead
that it completely my favorite one.
If I were a necklace I would look exactly like this..
I LOVE IT.....
Talented people who do quality work are just worth their weight in gold..
Thank you Stormy so much..
If any of my dear BLOG friends want to see more of her work or make a special order yourself... YOU can go to her BLOG.
You will surely be so inspired.
Before I left to go out of town I shot another Senior..
I must tell you
I have never been so fooled by a shy gal..
What over-the-moon wonderful she was..
When I pulled out that camera she was magnificent..
We got some of the best expressions I have gotten in all my years of shooting.
NOW that is a girl who truly did exactly what I asked her.. SHINE
I will have more of her to share with you later.
I shot another Senior when I got to Snyder..
Now this makes me feel old for sure when I taught this guy in his 1st grade play...
AND now he's leaving High school headed off into the BIG world..
I once told my friend
that the only way you can tell time is passing
is to look into the faces of KIDS...
I can tell you that for sure 12 years have passed... WOW

My second shoot in Snyder has turned out to be one of my all time very favorite shots ever.. Who can resist an awesome guy, an old Studabaker and a field full of wonderful..

I will have more of this to share later... Jennifer... You've gotta be so proud..


It is always so good to go and visit your friends, but it is so great to get back home too. My yard knew I had been gone and needed a big drink of water, some weeds pulled and of course I had a helper.. While I was pulling weeds I told Brady to water my tree. He was watering.... but not my tree... Instead it was his legs, his body, his diaper, and his car.. I was so hoping he wouldn't stop before I could get to my camera... What an angel I have all wet and slippery..

This is my precious GRANY..

The one person in the world who most inspires me. How I would cherish another day with her.. The world was a better place when she was in it.. In all my life I never heard her say one bad thing about a single soul. She would feed anyone who walked through the door, and sang as loud as she could off key at church cause she was singing to Jesus and he didn't care... What a joy to my soul it is to have her twinkle in my memories..

My mother had this pillow made of her favorite picture of my Grany. I took a picture of it when I was at her house Thursday. I have wanted to start a pillow making venture for over a year now, and GRANY once again inspired me.. So this weekend I am going to make pillows. I had my new family picture put on canvas so I could give this adventure a place to begin... I am so excited to try something new.. I will show you my pillow full of polka dots when I'm all done..

Now what could be a better combination... Pillows and Polka Dots.. A southern gal can't ask for more.

Bliss and Blessing


Darla said...

i love that necklace! it is sooo you! especially that one little polka dot bead, perfect. great senior pics too. you are a busy woman.

Debbie said...

I love that necklace too. Looks like something I would have chosen.