Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busiest WEEK Ever

Without a doubt....
This has been the busiest week I can remember!!
I found this picture of me and it describes perfectly what I'd like to do.. haha
Just hide for a minute and let me catch up with my life..
I've always wanted to figure out a way to make the world stand still for a day or two and let me catch up... Of course haven't quite developed that yet.... SO I continue to get behind..
But.... What would life be without a little ACTION!!
I started off a week ago today doing Senior pictures...
As we drove off to take them....
I swear a baby hurricane hit
Ft. Worth...
It started hailing and as
Forest Gump says.."The FAT rain was falling.."
We waited it out in the car... And started shooting again the minute it stopped. It did however continue to drizzle the entire time.. Thank goodness it was a guy who wasn't worried about his hair falling. haha I (on the other hand) looked like a drowned rat by the time be were done... What a trooper Ray was to keep letting me shoot, and stick him in all kinds of crazy places.. I must say we had a great time.
Next I headed off to Midland to help Brent study for his last final and get all his stuff packed up and moved out of the dorm for summer. It truly seems like yesterday that I was helping him move it all in there.. How quickly a year goes by..

As we packed everything up and I tried my best to clean it up...... Brent told all his buddies goodbye.. He realized that some of them he may honestly never see again.. It's kind of sad to say but that is true.. As life moves you along your path you often times move in different directions.. I am both anxious and excited to see where God sends my sweet Brent for the next chapter of his life.. Where ever it is I can promise I will be along for the ride.

As I left Midland with a car load full of stuff.. I stopped off in Snyder to deliver pictures and packages. I also shot one more Senior while I was there. This one was a special one.. He was one of my very favorite all time students and one from the very last class I taught 8 years ago..
WOW that doesn't seem possible. Thank you Tyler for asking me to shoot your pictures..
I had a ball and it was so good to see you again.

Brook and I left Snyder at about 9 o'clock that night. We stopped by Abilene to pick up Brady. My mom had been keeping him while I got all my stuff done.. He is so helpful..... But this time I had to go without him.. haha Anyway.. We got back to Ft. Worth around 1 am. and got unloaded and to bed around 2. Then had to be at the DPS office bright and shinny at 7 am. for her to get her real driver's license... I almost cried but I guess it's just one of those moments that you realize there is nothing you can do but go with what the world is giving you..

So.... Officially at 7:47 my baby girl became a legal driver of the road... How scary that is for parents and how unbelievably exciting for kids.. May God watch over her while I can't.
So... After a quick nap and a fast shower, Brad and I headed out to take Brady to the ZOO. Employees of the city of Ft. Worth got in free Friday so of course we couldn't resist that. WOW... If I thought Brady had fun last time then he was just over the moon this time around.. We rode the train through the zoo and he could almost make every animal noise before he saw them..

What an incredible, wonderful thing to watch... We both smiled in awe as we watched our baby boy in the middle of a bath of total JOY.. He loves animals and to see them in person is just the greatest thing his little 17 months old can take..

I've got to say that I think the Bird Sanctuary was truly his very favorite.. Who would have thought that a little stick full of seeds and honey could bring such joy.. We literally stayed in there for almost an hour.. What a wonderful sight to see.

Next we fed the big fish and that was just almost more fun than he could take.. He couldn't decide if the fish or the giraffes on the other side were more fun to watch..

As we left the ZOO I can honestly say it was one of those days when you were so thankful that you took the time to be a part of it.. Brady reminds us each day what JOY really looks like.

When we got home from the ZOO.... We had one hour to get ready and back in the car to be a Brook's Cheerleading Banquet.. I must say it was a nice banquet.. And who can resist a reason to buy a new dress.. haha

Brook had a fun time cheering this year and it was a wonderful end to her Sophomore year..
She won the award for Most Likely to KICK BUTT... not sure if that's one to remember for the ages... but I did have to laugh..

JV. Cheerleaders 2008-2009

By the time we got home, unbeautified and in the bed it was midnight again.. What a wonderful treat though that Brady slept in until 1o am... YIPPIE..
Then I had to be at the Southwest High School Senior Day game at noon..
I can tell you that I have been to at least a thousand baseball games in my lifetime....
But without a doubt this one today ranks right up there with my all time favorites..
What a game it was...
Southwest won in the bottom of the 9th inning sliding in to home...
And with that slide..... They became the undefeated DISTRICT CHAMPIONS..
It was worth every bit of 9 innings just to see the end...
What a busy week... BUT one I wouldn't have missed for the world..
May we all be a part of wonderful moments....
ONES you can never get back again...


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad I got to be a part of your busy week and keep Brady for a couple of days. How precious he is and truly a blessing to get to experience the joys of childhood again with him. I can't believe Brook is 16 and driving legally, Brent has finished his freshman year of college and I'm so "mature". Ha. I love you and I'm glad I didn't have to follow you around last week.

lori vliegen said...

wow! to say you've had a busy week is an understatement!! like they say, "when it rains, it pours"...and for you, this week it was pouring "fat rain"! congratulations on all of the family milestones! hope you get a little down time today...and wishing you a wonderful mother's day!! :)

Darla said...

wow, i was worn out by the time i finished that, but it was all too familiar. i cannot imagine having one in college, one getting a drivers license and one in diapers. good job for keeping up MOM, and hope you enjoyed your special day!

Pherenike said...

What a crazy zestful week! It sounds so hectic but filled with loads of good times.

Anonymous said...

I love my pic by the way I have already hung it up in our little house so all that there is painted walls and one beautiful picture! Also I have your necklace ordered and Stormy should be emailing you soon!

Thanks a million for the beautiful pic. and just for being you!
Love ya