Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Birthday CAR

What a WONDERFUL surprise
Brook walked out onto (almost.)
I had some of her friends come over and meet me in my neighbor's garage. She was upstairs in her room, and Brad was driving her car home from having new tires and rims put on it.
We were going to surprise her and have it parked in the driveway.
But, because I have every window open at all times, she saw a bunch of people outside, and stopped to take a closer look.

As she came out the door Brad was driving up with her new car.

Her friend's were there to surprise her. Even though she saw us a few minutes too early. But it's the thought that counts. haha

She was so excited and was impressed that MOM and Brad didn't pick out a DORK car like she'd convinced herself she was sure I would.

I gotta say she looked DARN cute in her new ride. Now we've just got to wait the 4 more days until the

Birthday Licence

and all will we well in "her world."

Thank you to everyone who helped me pull off the (almost) surprise. And SUPER BIG thanks to my sweet neighbor Harry who let us park her car in his garage for 2 weeks. Little did she know her car was right next door all this time.

May we all have someone who fills our lives with (almost) surprises... Cause then at least we know they cared. haha


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOK! What a wonderful surprise, what great friends too. I love the new car! Wish my first car, a '56 Ford, had looked so good. Ha I will be there in a few days to see it. Love,

Darla said...

i remember my first car well, and my mom DID pick out a dork car. haha, it's one of my best memories now though. funny how that works. it's only funny to not be cool later on when its over and done. tell her congrats, and to BE CaREfuL!!! I'm sure she will listen, haha.

Debbie said...

That is so fun! What great parents you are.

LauraLoo said...

aww....yall done good mom! The first car, when you think everything is possible...and then you run out of gas! haha! Oh, she will have some great memories in that thing, and one of her favorites will be the day mom & dad gave it to her! sweet story, thanks for sharing!

disa said...