Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Senior Season

Senior Season has almost officially come to an end..
I did another one yesterday, I have 2 more this coming week,
and the excitement will truly end for another year..
What a wonderful, hectic, busy time it has been..

Something about Seniors just fills you with HOPE that all is exciting in the world.
They are always so full of energy, great clothes, and a fabulous desire to do absolutely any pose to look hot, and magazine marvelous..
So... My deepest thanks to all the SENIORS I've shot this season.
You make my world so much more fun.
You give me a taste of youth, a desire to be creative, and a reason to drive all over town looking for great UGLY walls and SUPER unique places.

I hope you never lose that FIRE that makes you think anything is possible.. Keep believing in the greatness the world has to offer... and you'll be surprised how much it WILL.

THANK you Shelbi for being so much FUN...

May we all have a picture to look back on in which we truly think "We are AMAZING."


Terri Kahrs said...

Love your philosophy on life and your blog! Thanks, Staci, for your visit and your lovely comment! Your photography is awesome. I totally agree with your thoughts on Seniors. They're so full of life, hope and possibilities. It's awesome! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Terri

Alberta and Ava said...

Your seniors are so blessed to have a photographer as passionate and gifted as you are. I would give anything for you to have photographed my sons! I really enjoyed seeing these particular photos of this lovely young lady.