Thursday, May 14, 2009


If you ever just want to have a day where you can feel young and see all the wonderful clothes (you're probably to old to be wearing) then take pictures of a Senior..
Back in my day.... ha
My friends used to call me the Fashion Police..
I have always loved clothes...
Buying them, Wearing them,
and Seeing people ROCK them..
SO.... I thought I'd share a few of my favorites outfits
and one of my favorite Seniors just to show you what I mean...

Now I'm sorry.... but that just makes me want to buy some new boots and sit in a pasture..

We had the best time
wondering all over downtown searching for just the place that made us say WOW....

Thank you BRITTANY for making my day full of smiles..

And........ I am still looking on-line for a pair of those boots...
Now that my friends....
would just "Make my day!"
May we all have an incredible outfit that we just look "hot" in, and don't forget a rockin' pair of boots to go with it...


julie king said...

oh, you're right, those boots are totally rockin'. i love the pink heels as well. what a wonderfully FUN job you have!!!!

it is hard to get older and not feel that young sexy feeling any more. but for me there is so much richness and beauty in my mature life as well. and, i do still have my memories of wearing white go go boots to my junior after prom!! hee hee

Altered Imaginations said...
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