Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best Advice Ever

This time of year is always
one of the busiest for me...
Senior pictures, Weddings, and the changing weather always lend themselves to happier thoughts, and people getting their pictures made..
I have been CRAZY busy the last few weeks, and have hardly stopped to remember the important things all around me.
Night before last I was trying hard to get lots of stuff finished that I needed to upload to the server before midnight...... AND Brady was trying to be SO helpful..
He kept pulling on me and yelling MOM...MOM...
I'd already told him several times to
"hold on just a minute"
In the back of my mind I remembered one of the best things I have ever heard anyone say...
I'm not positive, but I think it was from Zig Ziglar.
He said people who are playing at home with their family so many times in the back of their mind are thinking of all the work they need to be doing. Mentally making a list of "to-do's" while going through the motions of "playing house."
Then those same people while working are wishing they could spend more quality time with their families...
So when they are working - their minds are at home,
and when they're home their minds are at work..
SO they are never
actually WHERE they are.
He said we should give our ALL to what we are doing,
and to do ONLY ONE THING at a time..
I stopped working and got in the floor and worked puzzles for an hour.
We laughed and read a couple of stories before he was ready to go to bed.
Usually he just wants you to lay him down in his bed at night... He has never been the rocking type, but for some reason he was just laying all over me and grabbing my face so we rocked and both dozed off in the chair.
There are no words to describe the feeling I had as I climbed back up the stairs to finish my work..
I felt completely WHOLE and at such peace.
My mind, and my body
where both in the same place..
I had given my ALL to Brady, and he had given his ALL to me..
What an over the moon feeling
that was I can tell you...
As I sat down at the computer to finish my work I could now give MY ALL to that too.
I was amazed how much quicker I got things finished and how clear my mind was creating.
I can't begin to tell you how many times I wished I would have remembered that advice....
but I can tell you that I am thankful that
at that moment I did.
May be all remember what is truly important,
and keep our minds and bodies IN THE SAME PLACE..


Darla said...

wonderful advice...i know that the moments when i actually do this, there is nothing like it...however, i don't do it often enough...

LauraLoo said...

wow oh wow, this is seriously the advice I have been looking for lately! THANK YOU...seriously, go read my latest post. Funny how that works huh? God totally just spoke to me through this post!

You have to give me the title of that book or author...sounds like my kind of inspiration!