Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Curtains, Paint and Pictures OH MY

We are having a surprise Birthday party for Brad's daddy here on FRIDAY.
So if you know him and are reading this..... Don't tell him. haha
He will be 70 years old.. Brad was so excited when he asked if I cared if we had a party here.
He was so cute telling me that 70 was a milestone. haha

OF course I didn't care... I always love any reason to have a party.
But you get to looking around your house at all the stuff that your gonna get around too and WHAM it's a lot. ha I've been meaning to make some curtains to go on the stair landing windows for ummmmmmmmmm about 2 years now. It's so high and I just never got around to climbing up there to measure them... But... my mother would be proud. I actually did climb up there and measure instead of eyeballing it like I usually would have. I didn't measure twice and cut once.... But I did measure once and cut twice. AND I must say they look pretty darn good. I'll show you the finished thing tomorrow.
Then I've had a wall that needed something on it, and had a picture that I've had half painted on for months now. It started out a floral.... then somewhere in mid stream I changed my mind. So now it's a woman dreaming of floral. haha Or as my dad called it " Some modern art that you can just see anything you want in it." ( that was his description to a friend on the phone of what I was doing ) You gotta laugh at that cause it's kinda true. ha

Now tomorrow I've got a list of a zillion, jillion little other things I've got to get done. But both girls will be here tomorrow afternoon (Brenae and Brook) so they can play with Brady and I can get so much more done. He is so helpful I must say... That sewing machine pedal was just too much fun to resist.... and the paint... well even I can't resist that. ha May we all get something finished that we've been putting off for a while, and have a fun time doing it too...


lori vliegen said...

hi staci! good luck getting all of those "little" projects finished (i have about a ga-zillion of those!)...and have tons of fun at your surprise party!! i enjoyed reading your profile...very inspiring...and you're absolutely right: life IS way too short to be someone else! i'm off to tatoo that on my forehead....


deb did it said...

I love, LOVE your painting

Darla said...

i love the colors! oooh, and that fabric is GOrgeOus! i'm glad someone is getting to decorate since it's not me...i never even have a creative thought anymore. maybe my time will come back around. thanks for sharing, it's the only creativity i'm getting these days- is what's happening at your house. :D

Darla said...

i am responding to your comment, i appreciate your advice for me to relax...i often see moms younger than me stressing over stuff that i now know was not a big deal, and now i'm getting the same advice from an older mom, it puts it in perspective and helps me to see that this is just like all the things in the past that we have gotten through that were no big deal after all. thanks friend for reminding me of my own advice to other people. haha.