Sunday, April 12, 2009

Party Pals

Ok.... The party was fun fun fun....
He didn't have a clue either.
He thought my neighbors were having a party until he walked in the door.
So much fun....
Of course I didn't get all the zillion little jobs I wanted to finish done...
But....... I did get about a jilllion done.
I got my plants that had been in the garage awaiting their new home in the dirt all planted.
Got my front porch all sweet and welcomey... hee hee
And I have to say.... I invented my
(to this moment)
new all-time favorite thing.
I painted my YUCK (for free) table I found on the side of the road the greatest old shade of
turquoise and beat up rust
to match my neighbor's chair
(that I am so going to buy from him).....
I painted my yard snail turquoise and made
DUH ta DUH...
a fun, happy, fabulously
whimsical mushroom !!!!!
out of some old round rock that my dear friend and I bought at a garage sale years ago.
I always knew I'd use them someday for something fabulous..
I'm sure you are not nearly as excited as I am....
But I've gotta say I smile every time I look at it, and giggle whenever I walk in my front door.
I also finally got our picture matted and framed (garage sale frame) to hang on the stair wall.
Then I found while I was cleaning
one of my (old favorite things)
our kiss me frog picture ..
that Brook and I painted together
about 7 years ago..
I remember like it was yesterday us painting it
and her telling me I was too old to like frogs. haha
I still love that picture
and it made me smile all over again.
Then I went to Garden Ridge and found the most wonderful LAUGH sign in the greatest colors to hang above it... I must say I don't buy NEW stuff very much... But I loved it way way way much.... And I knew it fit our house and our wall way too good to continue to sit on an old store shelf..

The center-piece was pretty cute.
I used Little Brady's cowboy hat, spurs and rope he was given when he was born to go with he and Papa's picture on the pony..
But......... my cake was I must say another story. haha
A cake decorator I am not....

It was kind of supposed to be a cowboy hat..
But sort of turned out to be a chocolate blob.. hee hee
It tasted good though and really....... no one cared..

(or realized what it was really supposed to be)

Brady thought they were all singing to him..
He looked at Papa as if to say

(thanks for coming to MY party).....
Now that just makes most anyone smile....
We should all throw more parties, have more family and friends over, and enjoy chocolate blobs. ha


Darla said...

i would be happy to have some of that chocolate blob! and i'm glad to know there is something you are not good at...hehe. i was beginning to think you were just too perfect for me, just kidding. the porch looks great, the party looks great, and your baby's expression is priceless. the chocolate blob is my favorite though. :D

Pherenike said...

I love chocolate blobs!

Hey did you know your blog is all skew-whiff? Its not centred in the middle of the white panel. Its aligned to the left so some of the writing is on the black. Maybe its just my web browser (firefox) but I thought you'd like to know its not coming up properly.

deb did it said...

oh that LAUGH sign is precious!