Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's under the Mask

My Little Girl will be turning 16 in 36 more days.
I can hardly believe so many years have gone by.
Poor child has honestly never gotten to have a big "friends" birthday party.
We always had small family ones, but somehow that's just not the same.
Her birthday was always right smack in the middle of baseball playoffs.
So.... now that Brent is through with high school baseball.........
It's her turn!!!!

And I must say..... What perfect timing.
Needless to say, we are going all out
to have a
Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Ball.
She and one of her friends (whose birthday is 3 days before)
are having a joint party .
Ashley's mom took them to the costume store, and they rented dresses for the invitations. I took their pictures Monday and we designed their cards to mail out.
What fun we are all ready to have...
May we never be too old to enjoy a party!!!!


Darla said...

sounds like fun, and that picture of her is Beautiful! to be hope she has a great time at her party.

Jenny Wilson said...

What a dream birthday for a 16 year old! You are a wonderful mother for allowing her to be fabulous on her day! It's every little girls fantasy :)