Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple Pleasures

I wrote on my other BLOG yesterday about how the fear of failure often keeps us from attempting greatness. AND how watching Little Brady has taught me to let go and give it all at least a try.. Seeing his BIG brown eyes filled with wonder has truly given me an entire new perspective about what living is really about.

He looks at everything "as an adventure to be conquered." And let me tell you.... he does try and conquer it all. haha Including.... the adventure of the EASTER EGG. My mom and step dad came down for Easter on Sunday afternoon. None of us were really too sure if Brady would understand about finding the eggs or even if he'd care enough to want to. He often has an agenda all his own and doesn't like to be bothered...

WELL..... I can tell you
When Grandi showed up with this basket of fabulousness he was ready for whatever agenda she had in mind.. Especially when he found out that Easter baskets contain M&M's.. He'd never had them before, but man how he loved them.

The Egg HUNT was all it was supposed to be.. He had the best, amazingly adventuresome time. We all laughed as we watched him run from place to place throwing (literally) his eggs in the basket on his way to the next one. He didn't even care that nothing was in his eggs.. It was the thrill of the chase.. Now if that's not a simple pleasure then I can't think of much any cheaper.

AND....Even when the game is over... There is always a way to find some joy...

If you ever want to step back and realize it's not WHAT we do that counts, but enjoying HOW we do it........ then look at those big ole' eyes and you can't help but see....
Everyday contains an adventure, and something to be grateful for..
May we all have someone to love, fill our lives with adventure, and hopefully bring M&M's.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing afternoon. Seeing the adventure and excitement in little Brady's eyes gave me such pleasure. Brad's wonderful meal and getting to spend time with those I love the most in the whole world just made my day. It was a wonderful weekend.

Pherenike said...

This post made me laugh. Especially the basket on head image! Im really trying to live a little bit like a child at the moment, trying to make time for playing. Its so important.