Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Birthday WISH

Friday at 12:45 is my official BIRTHDAY !
But since Brent left this afternoon
to head back for New Year's Eve parties....
We had my Birthday TODAY....
The only thing I wanted
was my kids "all in one picture"
That may not sound like much to you....
But let me tell you is a small feat !
The kids gave me a whole 20 minutes to shoot.
But I got what I wanted..
Can't wait to blow them up and get them on my wall.
Now Friday I'm going to do Brenae, Jon and Brady.
Then Photoshop them all together
and make one picture with all 5 of our kids.
Thank goodness for Photoshop..
These days it's NOT the shot you TAKE,
but the one that you MAKE that counts.
When I get them all done I'll show you what the original shot
looks like compared to the finished product..
After 8 years digital photography still amazes me..
May we all have a picture of our children to remind us of what really matters.
If getting older means I get to watch them grow...
THEN bring on the birthdays!!


Becky said...

Sister, I understand your "20" minutes! Been there, done that!@ Isn't it a blessing and "extra" special to have the "big" kids and the "little" one and I are the luckiest women on the planet right now! Feel that way???

Sher said...

Happy Birthday to the one person that makes every minute worthwhile and fun no matter where you are and what you are doing, you are doing it fun!

Are you 30 yet?
:) Sher

Darla said...

great birthday wish! i love the picture too, what a beautiful family you have. i am with you, if getting old means watching them grow, then bring on the birthdays! yay! and after a cancer scare, i certainly am grateful for each and every day and week and year that i have. have a happy happy new year, you are very fortunate getting to start each year completely new as you turn a year older each time. i think it's pretty cool!

lori vliegen said...

happy birthday, happy new year....happy, happy life, staci!!! wishing you much love, happiness, friendship, family, and creativity this 2010!!! hugs, :))

p.s. LOVE your have the sweetest family!!

LauraLoo said...

1. I love the song you have playing!

2. WOW, can those pictures of your kiddos get any cuter! I can't wait to see the finished memory!

again, you are beyond creative & so inspirational! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! Looks like it was a really good one!

deb did it said...

there is no greater gift than to have your children all around you...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL LADY!