Monday, December 21, 2009

Making Christmas

I know I've mentioned that I have been more than
a little behind on the Christmas decorations
not to mention my shopping this year..
BUT... I figured it was better late than never..
So last night I started making STUFF !
I dug through all my piles of clothes from GOODWILL
(that I'd bought to make pillows) with the fabric.
I cut out many layers of circles and
did the "messy stitches" to make them into
flower ornaments to put on our final tree we dug out of the closet.
I've already put up 2 trees but Brady has been so excited
about HIS "Chrimus Decratuns" that I
thought he'd love another one.
I gathered the flowers up in the back
and sewed them together to make some fun colorful tree decor.
I'll take a picture of our finished "homemade" tree
and show it to you soon.
It will be a really cute tree tomorrow when I'm all finished.
Then I decided I'd use some of this "wonderful" fabric
(that I bought half off of course)
and make everyone a "homemade" stocking to hang from the mantle.
I did mine first so I'd learn from all the mess ups
and be able to do everyone elses a little better.
I learned several "What NOT to do's"
(like not putting the heaviest fabric at the bottom)
BUT... it turned out ok I think.
I added a couple of the finished flowers to my stocking
to give it a little WOW !!
Then I made Brad's next..
Did it twice as fast and learned a couple more "WHAT Not to do's"
(like not sewing through beaded fabric with the machine)
BUT... I've got 2 stockings done
and 5 more to do tomorrow !!
I might just finish in time for Santa to fill them up with treasures..

May we never under estimate the power and fun
of a "homemade" Christmas..
THINGS you can always buy... but shared memories are priceless !


lori vliegen said...

your stockings are go girl!! you must be having a blast this year with your sweet little brady so excited about his Chrimus decratuns (SO cute!!!)!
i wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas and happy 2010!! :))

Alberta said...

Homememade is absolutely the best! And these stockings are so great. Wishing you and your family love and joy this holiday season.


deb did it said...

love, LOVE those crazy fun circles!

Becky said...

So very cute! You have outdone yourself again! Ideas galore! You are one talented girl! You inspire us all!
Happy Holidays!