Thursday, December 10, 2009

Boy becomes a Man

I have never been more proud of my sweet son
than I was yesterday at his grandfather's funeral.
I watched him with my own eyes transform from a boy to a man.
Brent has always been very much on the SHY side.
He has never loved being in big crowds,
or even talking to people.
When he was little he used to tell me it made his heart hurt.
So yesterday as he walked to the front of a packed church
to speak about his Pa my heart melted.
He had no speech rehearsed,
written, or even planned.
Yet he walked to the front of that sanctuary and spoke
about a man he truly loved with the greatest of grace and eloquence
that I have ever witnessed to this day.
The tears were rolling uncontrollably down my face.
They were streaming so hard they were falling into my shirt.
But somehow I managed to see the boy I have loved with all my heart
change into a beautiful, gentle souled man !!!
As I listened to him end his speech saying that each time his Pa squeezed his knee
he knew what he meant.. In his heart he always knew that he was saying
"I LOVE YOU Brent, and he just wanted to say I LOVE you too Pa !"
I can not imagine a greater thrill in all the world
than for a grandfather to know he has touched the life of his grandson
in such a way that he was willing to stand up a tell
an entire room full of people how much he cared.
My cup runeth over with LOVE for that precious child.
I am so incredibly proud of the man he has become.
May we all get to witness the transformation of our children.


Leslie said...

He was amazing and touched every heart in that room!

deb did it said...

I know that feeling Staci. I have witnessed similar moments with my own son....oh how we are blessed with such strong sons, who melt our heart by leaps and bounds

Darla said...

he is blessed to have had a grandpa that he felt so much respect for...and i am sorry for your loss.