Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last month I missed the 1/2 off Goodwill Day
because I was in Abilene with Dad having his surgery.
AND... I can tell you I have been waiting with GREAT anticipation
for the 3rd Wednesday of this month..
We had to do several things today
and I didn't get to spend hardly any time DIGGING..
However I did manage to find some incredible things...
I got Brad this shirt and 2 ties..
The ties were a grand total of 50 cents a piece...
NOW who could resist that deal!
I also found him a Great Sports coat..
He is going to a funeral this week and after a trip to the cleaners..
IT will be "the find of the day."
It was a Christian Dior for $3.50.....
Who could turn it down.
I didn't dig much today through "the STUFF"
because I was running low on time,
and "STUFF" takes me hours to go through.
I did make a quick glance and found my new
Favorite Bowl...
I turned it over and WHAM....
I knew I'd gotten a good deal - $1.50
This was a silly thing...
BUT I'm so excited to get it washed and put my sugar in it..
Tomorrow I'm gonna feel like I've got a little secret
as I put sugar in my coffee..
SO MUCH FUN for 50 cents !!!
As I was checking out I saw this belt buckle on the counter..
I asked if it was some one's and she said NO..
I said "it is now"
Silver Buckle $1.00
2 pair of new Christmas pj pants...
The best fitting jacket I've found in FOREVER...
and a new white button up (you can't have too many of those)
3 new( to me) shirts...
YES I know some people gag about wearing other people's clothes...
But NOT ME!!!
After one wearing they're all used anyway..
I just pretend like one of my friends gave them to me..
It just happens to be friends I've never met. haha
Another fun jacket...
I'm gonna sew some stuff on this one..
Not sure what yet, but for $2.00 I can't really mess it up.
And LOOK at the Brand...
SEE they do have nice stuff in GOODWILL if you take the time to DIG.
The best pair of worn in jeans..
Now I don't care who you are
There is nothing better than a pair of soft, worn-in jeans..
AND I didn't even have to do the WORK..
2 MORE jackets..
I hit the sweet spot with those today...
I saw the brand and know how much it really costs..
So after a run through the washer my $2.85 will be well worth it.
I buy almost everything Brady wears at some type of KID's REsale Place.
He is so hard on his stuff, and it's not like he's heading to the OPERA
so I figure why would I spend any more than that.
SO... Half off of this, is just a deal that no gal can pass up!!
I didn't find many little pants in his size today..
But I did find a pair of U.T. sweat pants, some camo, and a new pair of pj. pants.
OF course he was with me...
SO I had to find him some entertainment while I DUG....
Grand total of $5.00.
EVEN Wal-Mart can't beat that....
and we got a new Monkey to boot...
May we always remember that...
"One man's junk is another man's treasure."


Darla said...

you are torturing me with this! haha. i love it! it just feels so good doesn't it? and i must say, that little monkey looks like the one who came to the birthday party ;) LoVE lOVe lOvE it ALL!!!!

Alberta said...

Reading this post was ALMOST as fun as a trip to Goodwill! Ilove to shop there myself. In fact, last week I found a great oatmeal colored fisherman's sweater, a plaid flannel shirt, and white linen Ann Taylor blazer. But I must admit I totally covet your silver belt buckle!

lori vliegen said...

girl, you can shop like no one's business!! great finds!!! and i'm especially loving that goodie from talbots......are you really a size 4???!! well, okay....i love you in spite of the fact that you're absolutely gorgeous AND a size 4! i think i'll go have a piece of chocolate now....hee hee hugs, :))