Sunday, December 13, 2009

MONKEY party

All I CAN SAY is.....
If you've NEVER had a MONKEY PARTY
then you should have one !!!!

Yesterday we had Brady's 2nd Birthday Party !!!!

He LOVES monkeys and My friend April found a company
Lucky Monkey
who comes and does children's birthday parties..
The girls (Brook and Brenae) and I worked all morning
getting our house complete in full blown
Monkey Business....
We made monkey cupcakes and banana cookies.
The cupcakes were so easy.
Just a plain ole' chocolate cupcake
with a Nilla waffer slightly cut for the mouth area,
and 2 mini Nilla waffers also cut for the ears.
The gel icing could have been done better I'm sure,
but we were in a hurry and what 2 year old would ever notice.
The banana cookies were just sugar cookie dough rolled out.
I used a coffee can to cut circles then a smaller can to cut
another circle which made them look like half moons.
I made powdered sugar glaze with milk and yellow food coloring
to paint on them, then used more black gel to add to the ends
and add a few lines in the bananas.
Brady gave out Monkey dishes for his party favors.
He has been eating on his own Monkey dishes for almost a year now.
I decorated Brady his very own MONKEY tree as the center piece for his table.
I used all the Monkeys he had on his bed to put in his tree.
Remember I told you he LOVES monkeys..
We literally had at least 20 on his bed.

All the kids loved the TREE full of MONKEYS...
and of course the chocolate monkeys hiding underneath.

Brady got to sit on his Birthday Throne with his 2nd favorite monkey
(the greatest 1 dollar Goodwill Find ever)
Mr. Brady Jr as he calls him. haha
Everyone got in on the Monkey action..
We all teased my dad about the resemblance between he and our little guest.
Brady laughed the hardest as the Monkey played catch with Brent.
Neither one of them realized the other had such quick hands.
Apparently Hobbo Monkey is a ball player too.
Brook just couldn't get enough of Little Hobbo.
She used to always tell me that she either wanted
a monkey or a baby brother.
I told her she got her baby brother
(only about 10 years after she asked)

Little Hobbo was either the greatest sport ever
or else he LOVED being famous...
because he posed for at least a hundred pictures.
Andrew, Brook and Hobbo (top)
Nic, Brenae, and Hobbo (bottom)
Now I'm not exactly sure, but I think these two fellows
developed a bond no one was expecting..
Brent found himself a real buddy by the end of the PARTY!!
Hobbo rode his scooter through the crowded living room
as all 45 of us clapped and cheered..

I'm a little sad that Brady probably won't remember
HIS 2nd birthday party....
but boy what memories the rest of us have.
AND Brady will have hundreds of pictures to use as a reminder
of his very special day!!!!
All 5 of our kids got in on the MONKEY fun..
(Brent, Brenae, Brook, Brady, and Jon)
We truly have mine, yours, and ours..

After Little Hobbo left Brady remembered he was having a party.
He got to hear his favorite song and blow out his very own candles
on his Monkey Cake.
His favorite present of the day was his first little Motorcycle..
We have laughed all day at him crashing into the walls
and telling us it's broke..
So we took our him outside and set him off on the road.
Of course he was bombarded with family paparazzi..
As I watched my little man head down the street
I realized that our little angel has just begun on his road of life.
May it be filled with countless blessing and LOVE to last a Lifetime!!

MMay we all have a birthday party filled with unbelievable memories!


April said...

I love being mentioned in your blog!! And where are the rest of the pics? I want to see me & Hobo!! Ha!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time it was!! I loved every minute especially those banana cookies. Ha. Great time, great pictures and great memories too.

Darla said...

OMG, you are the most creative person!!! that is such a fun party for your little monkey lover! i love it! i also love the perspective you have after raising kids and having a little know the BIG picture.

Sher said...

Monkeys my favorite. LOVED the Monkey tree. You always seem to do the most incredible things. Your life is one big smile after another. Thanks for sharing your humor, talent and heart...
Love and miss ya sista...

Becky said...

WE love monkeys around here also!!! Aren't you glad the cute Paul Frank t-shirts at Target are so cheap!!! Love them!!! Brady , your little monkey, is adorable@ And yes, my friend, I bet he does remember his special "monkey" party! You outdid yourself once again!!!

Healing Expressions said...

Oh this post just makes my mother heart burst! what a blessing! Thanks for stopping by Staci and I hope this holiday is filled beautiful memories with your family! They are so lucky to have you present in their lives!

LauraReed said...

What a neat "monkey" birthday!!! Loved reading all about it and I especially loved the first picture of you, Brady, and the monkey!! Cute Cute!!