Sunday, December 6, 2009

Joy and Sorrow

Sometimes in our LIVES we just have to take a few moments
(or a few weeks) to STOP and take time for those things
which are most important to us..
I have both cried, and giggled during my 2 week break...
I have watched my dearest friend from grade school bury
her teenage son, receive a phone call about the death of my cousin,
and just today was notified that my x father-in-law passed away.
Watching the tears roll down innocent faces,
feeling sadness so thick in a room that it almost chokes you,
and seeing the pain that DEATH leaves behind
is both gut wrenching and life transforming at the same time.
But most of all during my 2 weeks....
I have cherished each moment that I was given.
Brad has been sick for almost the entire 2 weeks with a headache
ONE so painful that it landed us in the ER.
He's had brain scans to check for any clots in his head,
tumors, or other foreign matter.
They (the emergency room dr.'s ) said it must be a migraine...
of which he had never had before..
Then 3 days later when there was NO relief he went to another dr.
who said it was a sinus infection.
also of which he has never had before.
He has now taken a round of antibiotic, and spent an entire week in the bed.
The headache is less painful... however still there.
During the beginnings of this unknown headache we went to the river
so he could build a deer blind for a friend..
Brady of course thought it was a giant playhouse....
and was oh so very helpful getting it done.
One of the most SEXY things about my sweet husband
is that he can build, make, or fix absolutely ANYTHING..
NOW that is something I just LOVE !!!!
While we (those of us who can't build) watched him ....
we made a fire and cheered him on..
Because Brad's truck had a trailer pulling a deerblind on it..
He took my car to work one day.
On his way he hit a chug hole that completely ruined
2 of the tires and rims on my car.
After a great deal of checking around we came to the conclusion
that they could not be fixed.
So that meant a new set of tires and rims...
The timing couldn't have been worse but...
Life sometimes has other plans for our Christmas money..
During my BREAK.. I had the pleasure of helping a sweet friend
practice her lighting on what I must say was the dearest model.
Her sister-n-law had no idea what she was in for...
BUT my what a time we had..
Some people just radiate kindness..
AND this gal was one of them !
May I grow up to be that way..
What a gentle KARMA and an attitude to pay big money for..
Thanksgiving was fabulous..
We had about 25 people here with us to both celebrate
and eat the BEST food ever..
I wait each year for my mom's
Though she and my step dad (who just had the triple by-pass)
weren't able to come this year...
My sweet mother sent her FAMOUS potatoes home with Brenae
so I could still have some..
I found the best garage sale table in the FREE WORLD for 40$.
It is solid oak and is 9 ft. long..
Brad and Brent moved it in from the garage to the front room
so we'd have enough space for everyone to eat.
AND... there it still sits......
Brad's been too sick to move it.
So I have NO TREE up yet, and not a single gift purchased.
I just look at other's decorations and pretend they're mine.
Trying HARD not to become the GRINCH
has now moved to a high priority..
Today was my precious Little Brady's 2nd birthday..
We spent it all together at Brook's cheerleading competition
at the Gaylord Resort..
That is such an incredible place.
It's like having a city inside a hotel..
Brady LOVED it.
He had so much to see that he just could not decide what to do first.
The toy train sets running all over the hotel were just enough
to send a little fellow into full "HYPER" mode.
Brook's team comes to this competition every year.
It is very small, but you just can't beat the GOOD TIME.
It is a 2 day competition so several of the girls got together
and shared a room so they could spend the night.
They had a 9th floor balcony that overlooked the water.
It was filled with so many Christmas lights if felt like Las Vegas.
(yes many of the parents stayed there too.. the girls were not totally alone)

Brenae comes home most weekends from college,
so she went with us on Brady's Birthday.
We're not having his party until next weekend
when Brent comes home from college.
That however did not seem to detour Brady from doing
just exactly what he wanted to do.
After all "it was HIS day."
He seemed to think Santa Clause was somewhere in the flower gardens
that clearly were not supposed to be played in.
That face was just so precious I couldn't resist!

So... as my 2 weeks has come to an end,
and I must get back to a few things in my life
I have made an honest vow to myself
to NEVER forget to take BREAKS in life.
Those moments doing absolutely nothing except
enjoying my children, fixing new things for supper,
doing multiple loads of laundry that came home from college,
reading countless books to a little man snuggled up in my lap,
watching the same "Monster's INC." movie at least 20 times,
talking about Christmas presents, and eating WAY too much food
are the things that LIFE is really made of.
As 3 deaths have so clearly reminded me this week....
When life is over no one will remember anything except for
MMay each of my children, my husband, and my family
always know that without a doubt they are my
Dearest Treasures in LIFE !


deb did it said...

Staci, my heart cracked wide open when I read this. Just know that time always heals, and should always remember to STOP, slow down, look, listen....seems like you already do that anyway, as I see it all the time thru your photographs, but it is different when you are forced to step down off the merry go round we call "life" I appreciate your honesty and sharing your life story with us. Blessings to Brad for a better head.

deb did it said...

and by the way, that picture of Bradys big eyes of wonder...PRECIOUS!

Becky said...

Tears in my eyes! I feel your sorrow and happiness as much to be said for the 'story time" or the Thomas Train DVD for the 100th time.......still as cute and precious as the first! Don't fret, no Christmas shopping done here either.........somehow it just doesn't seem important at the moment....but will panic soon enough! Happy Holidays!

Darla said...

thank you for sharing this. made me tear up a bit. it is so true...nothing will matter except how we have made people feel. life is too short to not enjoy honest everyday moments with those we love. and btw, i haven't done any christmas shopping either, i don't feel like it! but that little boy of yours holding that sweet monkey just made me smile, you captured all the wonder of childhood there. i love it!

disa said...