Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dig A Little DEEPER

My Life's Desire has never been to be rich and famous..
Well maybe just a little famous ha..
But.. above all the things a girl can have
The only thing that I still want is a STORE of my own.
I want to have a building full of things that I find, make, build, and create.
I want to do the "digging" for someone else, and fix it up
so fabulous that it's completely irresistible.
Hence the reason I am constantly on the prowl for "stuff"
that I just can't make it through the day without rescuing.
Here are a few of my resent rescued treasures..
Though I do not have a store...
I continue to buy things to put in it !!!!
(Brad isn't seeing the logic in that quite like I do)
While I am on "the DIG" my mind has been blessed (or maybe cursed)
with the gift of being able to picture exactly what something is
Going to LOOK like instead of what it Does Look like.
As I pass all of these wonderful things
"My Mind" is arranging them, painting them,
sewing them up,and filling
Full of countless treasures.
So.. while I dream of MY STORE,
and fill up my garage.........
And wait for the exact moment in life when my REAL store appears,
I thought I'd share a few of this weeks fabulous finds.
Paris Hilton's kind of rich is just not my cup of tea...
Give me a great garage sale, flea market or Goodwill
and this girl feels like a
Million Dollar Gal..
May we all find the things that fill us with JOY and
do a little more of them each day !


Darla said...

I am sooo with you...nothing like finding good junk! your stuff looks WONDERFUL! i wouldn't have been able to resist any of that either. darnit where will we put all this stuff? i spent 20 minutes in the mall Tues. and 4 hours in Goodwill. haha. i had to look at everything!

April said...

I want you to have your store too!! So we can run it together. You can just pay me in treasures instead of money!!

Becky said...

Found lots of good "junk" at the Rail Head Days in C-City last weekend! Inspired me to repaint my dining room and turn it into a playroom! Love "old" things! Found the neatest "telephone chair"! Can't wait to recover seat and paint! Makes me happy!

Veronica said...

Ohhh what treasures. Im sure WHEN you set up your store it will be divine!