Tuesday, November 10, 2009


OUR 2009 Football Season has come to an end..
We ended with a HUGE win against the South Hills Scorpions.
It was not a playoff season for the Southwest Raiders however....
OUR team is young, and as it goes in sports....
SOME years are just building years..
I must say though that our football team was not the biggest loser of the year.
That award went to our Cheerleaders.....
What a miserable time it was to be wearing the RED and BLUE in '09.
I know it may be completely impossible to imagine how cheerleading
could be anything less than a fabulous good time...
AS it is I'm sure for the other 99.9% of the world.
But those people are not cheering for a sponsor that must
completely HATE her job.
I can not fathom any other reason than that
for someone to TRY so hard to ruin a group of girl's year.
I've been to literally hundreds of football games...
And I always find myself mesmerized by the sounds of laughter,
band instruments, fan cheers, blowing whistles, drum beats, and crashing helmets.
It's hard not to find yourself clapping for complete strangers
as they rush for the end zone, or hold the other team on 4th down.
To be able to watch children of any age give their best effort in competition
always brings JOY to my heart, and motivates me (even at 42 )
to NEVER stop wanting to do my best.
That's what makes it even harder for me to understand
how someone who has anything to do with
a Football Friday Night
could be anything less than filled with pride for a group of children
who for ONE night are totally united.
But if you cheer for Southwest HIGH School then life is quite another story.
This is a place where you get in trouble for being too hyper and spirited.
So... you have to sit out the entire second quarter to calm down
and "think about what you have done".....
Now I know I am seriously over the edge with frustration as to
how a woman like this can be in charge of girls..
But there is no other word I can think of for this besides CRAZY !!!!
Even Brady who has no clue as to what is going on can't help
but become consumed with the SPIRIT of the night.
All football games carry an atmosphere that is completely like no other.
There is truly something about the THRILL of VICTORY
that fills your blood with energy.
It invigorates your soul, and sends your spirits soaring.
Watching a good game always leaves me wanting to
go home and be a better person.
With all that could have been this year
I must say

as we end our season I am nothing less that
grateful that IT'S OVER !!!!
To the girls of Southwest who learned despite it ALL
I am proud of you !!!
AND I'm certain that later in life there will be an amazing lesson in this.
There are always going to be people in our lives with whom we clash,
and those of which our lives would be much more enjoyable without...
however none of us dreamed it would be during High School Cheerleading.
Because these moments are gone forever..
Not a single one of us can get them back.
No amount of "I'm sorrys" can change our year.
Once time is gone.... IT is forever.
All I have left to say about this angry, rude, spiteful woman is
IF the BROOM fits... RIDE IT !
May one woman's anger be a life lesson in what


Darla said...

don't you wish we could push the delete button on a few folks in life? ugh. i guess you are right, there is a lesson to be learned here...to never be that kind of person who is miserable and takes it out on everyone else! you sure got some GREAT pictures though...of the good and ugly!

lori vliegen said...

wow....i completely understand your frustration! i thought that was the actual role of the cheerleader.....to get people rallying and excited about the game?!! i've never, EVER heard of anyone calling out a cheerleader because they were being too spirited!! i think that your "broom" synopsis is classic, though.....and yes, this person is a great example of how we DON'T want to be!! i'm sorry that it's been such a rollercoaster ride for those girls....and glad it's over for them! :))