Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Missed IT

One of us takes Brady to the park at least twice a week.
Yesterday he and I spent several hours there in the beautiful sunshine.
We packed our snacks, our sweet tea, and headed out.
It's about 1 mile from the house, but he gets in his buggy
and points at every squirrel, cat, flying bird, and barking dog all along the way.
OUR Trip there is half of the adventure..
I have several cameras, and most ALWAYS have one with me..
BUT yesterday I realized they were all upstairs in the studio.
I'd taken them up to charge the batteries, and upload all the cards..
I almost stopped to go get one, but figured I'd seen that park
at least a hundred times.....
What else was I going to see....
NEVER again will I say that !!
I am so MAD at myself still.
I missed the sweetest "once in a lifetime" moment ever...
Brady and I had been playing in the rocks for about 30 minutes
when another little fellow just about his size came over to where we were.
Kids seem to have some type of
magical magnetic force
that draws them right to one another...
They played cars, slid and chased squirrels...
Then I noticed another little guy heading our direction..
Immediately they took him in
and the pair became a threesome
without ever a word between them.
Inside I was glowing with JOY,
and of course reached for my camera
only to realize it was at home.
As I was beating myself up inside for missing this moment
I looked back at Brady only to see another member joining their crew.
This time it was a little girl.
Between all 4 of them
there wasn't an inch difference in their heights.
It was literally the most incredible vision of innocence I had ever seen.
As they all stood together next to the slide
piling up rocks by the handfulls I was filled with AWE.
They'd each stack the rocks up for a while,
then one of them would suddenly wipe them all off.
They giggled together, and start the piling process again..
Never once did they realize that one of them was black,
one Hispanic, one with teenage parents, or one
with parents old enough to be his grandparents.
They were just 4 little hearts
sharing the same moment.
One in which time, judgement, heartache, nor race played any part.
May we all learn a lesson from children..
And may we have a camera with us to catch it!


Darla said...

darn, i hate when i leave the camera home and miss a moment, you told the story so vividly that i pictured it very well though. what a great post! i wish the world had the heart of a child, it would certainly be a better place. adults always think children are foolish, haha... not so much. i am so happy that you are enjoying your baby so much, and all of his moments. i think sometimes i would be a much better parent to a toddler now that i am older. you just seem to notice much more than when you are a young parent. you just can't appreciate those moments. don't you agree?

btw, you missed the miley cyrus video i had posted but it is on youtube MORGANdeloera i believe is her channel name.

April said...

Ok this one made me cry!!! I just love the way you look at the world!! So many times your posts bring a smile AND a tear to my eyes at the same time. But I always love reading them!!!

julie king said...

brady is looking so much older these days. more like a boy and less like a toddler. don't sweet innocent moments like those touch your heart and stay in your mind for days and days? i try to always have my camera with me but do occasionally miss wonderful photo opportunities!

deb did it said...

you are killing me...I wanna have another baby