Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Bunch of BULL

I was raised on a farm, and grew up around cattle my whole life..
BUT... I can tell you that I never even thought about getting up on any.
Man when you are up close and personal.......
those darn creatures are a WHOLE BUNCH OF BULL..
Brook's boyfriend, Andrew, rides bulls...
so she, Brady and I went to go see him ride last night.
Thank goodness I was taking pictures
and didn't realize
what was going on around me.

By the time I figured out that Andrew was going under the bull
my camera quality went all to pieces..
I was shooting and screaming, and taking lots of pictures
of the back of people's heads.
He rode twice, and that second bull just looked like pure EVIL
before he ever even got on him..
YES.. that is Andrew under the BULL
being stepped on and cut along his cheek...
by Mr. EVIL and his horrible horns..

All I can say is thank goodness it only lasted a few seconds...
and what ever those rodeo clowns make for a living
I am glad to say that Andrew is fine..
If that had been me I'd still be laying there in SHOCK..
Large animals are just not meant to step ON TOP of you.
To say the very least our Friday night was an adventure..
BULL riding is a spectator sport that I am certain takes some getting used to.
It is a sport not at all for the faint of heart, and
one that is 100% meant for those with young bodies !
May we all have an unexpected night
where we see courage in the eyes of a teenager.


Darla said...

i'm glad he is ok! that must have been really scary.i grew up watching my sister's boyfriend ride bulls and broncs for years.he had a few of these incidents and actually lost a testicle(ouch!!) when he was stepped on! they are married now twenty something years and their 18 year old son, my nephew, now bronc scares the crap out of me!!! on a good note, that sure is a gorgeous picture of the two of them....ah, to be young. they have no idea how beautiful they are.

Becky said...

Love these pics..isn't life fun??