Thursday, November 19, 2009

What A WEEK !!!
My step dad found out he failed his stress test,
and 2 days later we were in Abilene in the waiting room
while he underwent a triple bypass.
What an incredible blessing that they found out about it in his stress test.
He had 100% blockage in one artery and 95 in the other.
I told my mom that I'm pretty sure he was a walking TIME BOMB!

Then on Tuesday morning I left to stay with my Dad while he had his surgery.
Florence Nightingale I am not. No one will ever mistake me for a NURSE.

ANYWAY.. before I left I did a Senior Shoot... Here a few of my favorites.

Thank you Marcus for being such a great help searching for great NEW spots.
I now have a couple of new favorite places and can't wait to use them again.
I may have to call you to get directions !!!

As the Holidays are quickly approaching I am more thankful than ever.
Thankful for 2 "Old Men" turning 65
and the tests
that saved their lives.
Thankful that God packs the gift of nursing in some peeople's suitcase
(since it was definitely not packed in mine) haha
And thankful for customers who show incredible understanding
and patience with my time.

May we all remember to have tests that can save our lives !!


Darla said...

Amen! those tests will save your life, i am living proof... great photos!

lori vliegen said...

wow, staci!! i'm SO glad that your stepdad came through his surgery well! so many blessings written all over this story....and i'm sure that he will continue to be blessed as he heals!

your photos of marcus are wonderful.....he looks like a great kid! happy weekend to you! :))

julie king said...

hope your stepdad is doing well. that really is a blessing!

more wonderful senior portraits!!