Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Plump...

Our church got together and painted pumpkins to take to
Cooks Children's Hospital
for all of the kids who will not be able to be outside on this Halloween.

It sure puts life into clear focus when you think of all the parents who are
putting a child through treatment on Halloween instead of
wondering what costume they to wear.
Our church asked what they could do to help, and Cooks
asked for 50 pumpkins decorated in Happy Attire to help brighten
the mood, and the day of the people in their hospital.
Brook and I had the best time working our Pumpkin Magic...
We spray painted each of ours so they would be easier to paint on...
And.. Mr & Mrs. Plump turned out ever so happy I think.
They put a smile on my face while we worked on them anyway...
And Gloria Glorious I hope will make at least one little sick fellow
not think about where they are if only for a moment.
We dug out lots of Goodwill finds from the past to attach to our
Plump friends... I always knew that the fur and hats
would come in handy one day..
Some of the Pumpkins even wore a full fledged mullet...
Ha .. Michael (our Group Pastor) borrowed one
to reminisce about the good ole days.

Though this may not have been a life-changing thing in the face of serious illness...
It was hopefully however a Spark of Happy and a genuine effort
for those out there who are sick to know that people care..
I've always thought that
The world is filled with MUCH

more GOOD than BAD..
But for some reason it's just never makes it on the news...
We then tend to think that what we see on tv is all that's there...
I say...POO on the news...
It's all a matter of where you look....

and......Lifepointe Church is a fabulous place to LOOK..
I've been going there since last March,
and have met some of the most wonderful people.
People who remind me often ... to care..
If you live in the Ft. Worth area...
I'd love to invite you to come by next Sunday.
I can promise you will be greeted with a SMILE..

May we never forget that sometimes it just takes a moment

to show someone you care.


Alberta said...

Oh, Staci! I visited you while drinking my coffee before school this morning, and I wanted you to know that you gave my day a beautiful beginning with this post. You absolutely filled my heart by sharing this project and these joyous photos. Reading this also brought back very fond memories of the time I helped my oldest niece Emily decorate a Pippi Longstocking pumpkin for the local library contest (she won!). I only wish that I had made a pumpkin for this project too. I think my personal favorite is the princess pumpkin. Happy, happy Halloween!

Darla said...

LOVE those pumpkins, i am positive they will make someone smile! that is such a nice thing to do!

julie king said...

adorable pumpkins! good for you to do something to give back to the world!! i'm sure the kids are thrilled with them!

Anonymous said...