Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Dozing Darling

I got to do another Dozing Darling last week.
These are just the funnest shoots I've done in a while.
Watching a precious newborn sleep just reminds me how dear life truly is.
(And it secretly makes me jealous that I can never sleep that sound)
This little fellow had a tough start in his life.
Having surgery at 8 days old,
his mother learned early on how dear God's blessing was to her.
It made my shoot with Little Mr. I a real treasure.
And showed me once again that every moment with our children is a special GIFT.

Then.... right in the middle of his Dozing...
He Woke Up,
Held up his head, and looked right at me..
What a sweet surprise..
So... We went from Dozing Darlings to Awakening Angels

Then... out he went again....
Sound asleep and posing like a little champ..
I enjoyed every minute of this shoot...
And can't wait for my next little Dozer...
May we all have a day where we sleep like a baby....
(hope mine is coming soon)


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures. I know this family will love these remembrances of their precious angel. Good job!

Darla said...

those are amazing! he's precious.

Anonymous said...

i just want to tell you that you did a wonderful job on his pictures!! he is beautiful!! you are truly talented, and amazing!! we have more to come!!

little mans mommy