Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Player of THE WEEK

As most of you know Brent went to college
on a full scholarship in BASEBALL..
After a year however... he decided it was just not what he wanted to do.
It was so hard for him... but he finally got the nerve to say
he just didn't want to play baseball anymore.
He really wanted to try to play college FOOTBALL.
(These are all pictures I took of him playing High School Football)
He was such a good baseball player (They won STATE in 2008),
he was 3A baseball player of the year, his dad played college baseball and
is still a baseball coach.... so I think everyone (including Brent)
thought he should play BASEBALL..
Bless his heart... I know it was so hard for him to finally make the choice....
BUT boy when he did it was 100% goal setting, and Football Dreams ahead.
He tried out for Midwestern State University Football Team in July.
They had 1 walk-on spot left on the team.
Many guys tried out, but Brent won the spot.
He showed up in August not knowing at all what to do or expect,
but had made a vow that whatever happened he'd live his
life knowing he'd given it his 100%.
The team started off with about 20 walk-ons.
They were not allowed to practice with the real team.
It was a little like a military BOOT CAMP..
They ran several miles a day and had to work their butts off.
Several quit, some were cut, but after about 3 weeks
a hand full of guys were left, and Brent was one of them.
Their coach told them they had proven they were serious
and had earned the right to now be a part of the team.
I remember the phone call I got that day... Brent was so excited...
And of course I was filled with JOY...
There is just no feeling in the world like seeing
Happiness on the face of your child.
I knew in my heart..
he'd made the right decision.
Sometimes as parents we mistakenly think that our children are
blank slates waiting to be written...
but in fact (as Max Lucado says)
they are finished books waiting for us to read...
God has packed each one of them with a suitcase full
of THEIR dreams, talents, and gifts...
It is up to us to help them discover what's inside that case.
As the weeks have passed this semester I have never
once doubted Brent's decision.
I hear the smile in his voice and I feel the commitment in his very soul.
He of course is still considered a Walk-on, and will be red-shirted
this season... but he busts his butt each and every day of practice.
Not because of what IS happening,
but for what he BELIEVES will come.
He told me "Mom I'm just waiting for my chance to shine.
Whenever it's my turn I'll be ready."
There are just no words to express the way that makes my heart feel.
As I write this post tears are rolling down my face.
I am so proud of him that I can hardly contain it.
He did this all on his own...
No one knew him or how good he was in high school.
They'd never seen him play, and
they had no idea of the potential within him.
No one knew his dad or owed him any favors.
BRENT wanted something for himself
and did what he had to do to make it happen.
I must however say a special "THANK YOU" to Coach Rodgers
(Brent's High School Football Coach)
he made Brent a highlight tape to send out to prospective colleges.
Brent couldn't have done it without him.
But most importantly..... HE gave him a JOY for football
that otherwise would have never been uncovered.
He taught him how to believe in himself and to do something
that sometimes NO ONE else thinks you can do.
Sometimes all it takes is one person to encourage you to open
the suitcase God has already packed for you.
Brent is working harder than he's ever worked in his life.....
But he is having the TIME of HIS LIFE..
Monday I got a text from him saying "MOM guess what!!!
I was named Scout Team Player of The Week."
My heart completely bubbled over like a coke that had been shaken for days...
He said they announced it in the team meeting saying.....
Our Scout Team Player of the Week this week is
a walk-on who has worked his tail off to show us what he can do...
He is someone who shows us everyday that he is here to play football,
and is gonna be a player this team will remember.
His name is Brent Bollinger!
MY cup runs over with Love for that child.. I adore his every being ,
and I am so proud of him for listening to the Voice only he
could hear inside his HEART..
MMay we NEVER forget to follow our dreams...
GOD places them within us for a reason..
All we have to do is unpack the case!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog! How very proud I am that he was able to follow his heart and fulfill his dreams.
Love you,

lori vliegen said...

congrats to brent for all that he's accomplished already! and i so agree.....that suitcase is packed with wonderful lessons......we only need the courage and the faith to open it!! :))

Darla said...

wow, i know you are proud!!! i sure would be too... it's wonderful to see your kids pursuing something on their own. i am really happy for him, and you. and yes, you are right about Coach Rodgers, he is really an asset to the boys in his football program. i wish there were more like him.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff...thanks for sharing, Staci...

Hank Danford
(Brad's cousin)

deb did it said...

I have tears and are an adorable Mother, so full of love bursting from that tiny beautiful body!