Friday, October 23, 2009

Goodwill Glory

I know simply the mere word Goodwill
conjurs up hair standing visions to some of you
(including my mother), but to me it is better than the Mall.
You do truly have to be a digger at heart
to enjoy a day at a resale store ..
Yes, I admit there are always some colorful folks I mingle in the midst of...
but I just can't resist the thrill of "THE HUNT"

This week was 1/2 off WEDNESDAY at all the metroplex Goodwill Stores..
I wait patiently each month for the 3rd Wednesday
so I can dig literally "ALL DAY"
I found so many wonderful treasures this week.
So... I decided that even though I was WAY late, I'd spook up my kitchen table.
I normally get a much earlier start with holiday decor.....
But this year I've been way off my game for some reason.
I got fabulous zebra plates (these were from ROSS) for $1.99 each
because they were out of some set that was broken..
THIS was the best DIG of the Day !!!
I love these plates.
I got wonderful glass vases and jars of zillions of sizes for about $1 each..
I love filling up clear glass. They seem to take on so many different looks
depending on what you put in them..
Though I already had MANY of them...
I couldn't resist some great new ones.
Brady and I had the best time finding stuff to fill our jars with.
We went to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and of course Wal Mart..
He had me so tickled I could hardly shop.
He was yelling at me
"Get this one.... NO get this one!"


We spray painted pumpkins, and put glitter on most anything that didn't move..
We filled our skulls with black beans, and dug out all the silver "bling" we could find.
I decided I didn't want to just use the same ole' orange and black...
So we threw in lots of sliver "bling", purple, and my favorites.... Black and White
We started our table with only the green plates,

and filled the entire top for less than $20.
Now that's why I love Goodwill....

This is Brady's scary face to go along with our table...
He has had more fun talking to the skeletons than I ever dreamed...
And some of my spiders mysteriously keep disappearing. haha

The chairs were among my other wonderful Goodwill finds this week.
I loved the style and the size.. They were only $8 each.
I bought enough to go around my table..
My next project is to recover them in zebra and polka dots..
I'll show you when I'm all done.

And here... My friends is the greatest of all time Goodwill finds..
This fellow as you can see from the size up next to my chase lounge
is HUGE !!!!!
He was just like new and waiting on me to get him home.
He was regularly $2, but since it was half off day.........
I brought this fellow home for the grand total of 1 buck..

Brady... who is obsessed with monkeys is in awe of his new friend.
Though he is much bigger than Brady, and out weighs him by a long shot....
He named him Brady Jr...
We all laughed so hard we nearly wet our pants...
So... next time you travel past a Goodwill sign....
You might just stop in and see what treasures you can uncover..
Who knows what you'll find.
May we all find something fabulous that just simply makes our day!


Anonymous said...

What joyous times you are getting to have with Brady and now "Brady Jr." You will remember these as the best days of your life!
Do wish I was a better "digger." Ha
Love you,

deb did it said... are living proof, that everything you touch turns into gold! and purple, and orange!!! AND POLKA DOT!!

Darla said...

your a woman after my own heart, i am such a digger! i would love to goodwill with you anytime. we actually have a decent thrift store here now that i have had so much fun i LOVE your table and those chairs, and the monkey of course. my son has many memories of toys from thrift stores, its such a good memory. he's getting so big and handsome too. :D

Leslie said...

That FABULOUS picture of Brady and his new friend made my day!!!!

Darla said...

in my former comment, when i said he's getting so big and handsome, i meant YOUR son, not mine, though he is getting big and handsome too. in my mind though i was picturing your son with the monkey when i wrote that and sheesh! i am glad i came back to show the girls your great halloween decor and read my mistake! here it is for the record... BRADY is getting so big and handsome!!!! ok, now i feel better. :D have a great weekend.

Alberta said...

Goodwill is the bomb. And Brady is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Hope to see in in full Halloween regalia soon!

Veronica said...

Great bargains. You know I love a good day of digging and rummaging through thrift store! That old dress I bought a few weeks ago is nearly transformed for me to wear to a wedding... will post photos soon.

have a lovely day.