Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dozing Darling

I am starting a new series of Photography this month
called Dozing Darlings....

I have seen it in several magazines lately
and just thought it was the most precious thing I've looked at lately.
I am so disappointed that I didn't start doing it sooner...............
Somehow the thought of trying to fold Brady up in a ball
sound asleep
doesn't seem quite so precious.
I did my first one today...
What an angel...
I couldn't have asked for better than Little Ms. C for my 1st attempt.
I only have 8 of these Dozing Darling
slots left available before Christmas.
This Package includes your session/creation fee,
a custom mounted 11x14,
as well as
my most popular selling item
"The Boutique Book"
for $ 400spa

What a wonderful way to remember this precious stage of your child's life.
And just in time to give someone a Book they will cherish for a Lifetime.

MMay we all have someone to Love us while we Sleep.

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Darla said...

those are sooo precious!!!