Saturday, October 10, 2009

Circus Silly

Brady and I were just plain SILLY at the circus.
He, having NEVER seen one at all, and me, not having seen one in 14 years
made being there pretty darn exciting..
I must admit watching a CIRCUS at 42 was just more fun
than I remember when watching it in my 20's.
I think this time I had an "I get to" mind set,
instead of an "I have to" state of mind.
That is one of the many perks about raising a child in this phase of life.
Brady truly gets the best of my time,
but most importantly the best of my heart.
WE laughed, pointed, watched with smiles spread all over our faces,
ate popcorn, drank a coke, and clapped and hollered until
we were almost as amusing as the circus itself. ha
This little sweety was both Mine and Brady's favorite..
She was so precious trying to be a big girl in the show..

Brady yelled and clapped the whole time
saying "Bitsy, Bitsy Elephant Momma"
After my terror on the Elephant ride.... haha
Brook was then placed in charge of all events that required
"my feet to be off the ground"
Somehow it just didn't seem to bother her at all.
Maybe it takes passing 40 to realize how bad it hurts to fall
from what feels like "the sky"

Brady had never seen a camel before, and was quite impressed
with both their faces, and their humps..
And as you can see.......
"Monk, Monk" also went to the circus, and rode all the animal rides.
Now this......
MY friends was without a doubt the strangest thing I have ever seen..
This person (I think it was a boy)
could absolutely do things with his body that "should not be done"
Don't know if it's my age....
But I wanted to tell him
"You're gonna have arthritis when you get older"
Bodies are just not meant for this....
I am certain... that even at my most flexible...
THIS was never an option!
Tigers are right up at the TOP of Brady's favorite things list...
And he was quite fascinated with the whole Tiger in the Fire trick..
3 days later... he is still telling me that "Fire hurts babies but not Tigers"
My complete TERROR of heights caused me to almost

close my eyes through this whole feat.
I would NEVER get that far off the ground even bolted inside a steel cage,
much less walking around in spandex..
It was just TOO much..
After I opened my eyes again...
Our FAVORITES were back on stage..
By far and away the Elephants were the cutest of all.
And that sweet little baby trying to do everything her momma did was just absolutely irresistible to watch.
Now I don't care who you are....
THAT is just precious...
What a wonderful time we had...
Thank you so so much April and Bret for inviting us.
Where would we be without friends..

May we all find the JOY in something we've done before,
when we GET to do it all over AGAIN !

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful!!! Wish I could have been there too. Looks like such fabulous fun. So glad Monk Monk got to go too! Good job Brook on your shots.
Love you all,