Sunday, October 4, 2009


WOW .... WOW... WOW...
I left Thursday morning for the Junk Gypsy PromaRama in RoundTop, Texas...
I drove down with a sweet friend I haven't seen in almost a year,
and meet another dear friend that I haven't seen in nearly 7 years.
What an incredible, fabulous, wonderful 2 days of FUN,
and flea market booths full of inspiring, creative ideas.
We drove in the rain for almost 4 hours...
BUT when we got there, it seemed as if the creative angels cleared
the sky and pulled open the curtains so the sunshine could come out to meet us.
We shopped like crazy, gathered zillions of great ideas, looked at thousands of
people from every walk of life ever invented in this world.
THEN.... set off to our bed and breakfast to get ready for the PROM.
One of the vendors at the RoundTop antique show (THE Junk Gypsy Gals) puts on the PRom each year.
They are the funnest, cutest, bunch of creative gypsy women I have ever seen.
I've never been to their PRom before, but know next year
to get a much bigger tutu...
I was WAY under dressed in my $5.99 Goodwill get-up.
And I'm already on the look out for Kori's costume for next season.
The lack of big and gaudy however, didn't slow down our good time.
I danced and danced and danced..
THOUGH.... I think that when your legs get a cramp after the third song
YOU MIGHT be slightly out of shape.
I did figure out though,
when your legs start to hurt just use your arms more.. haha
I danced with the Jackson 5...
They were quite the popular guys on the floor.
My new 70 year old friend.... took her turn with the Jackson's too.
Now this is a woman who has not let the number of her age slow down
her sense of adventure, or her desire to have a good time.
I hope when I'm her age...... I too am still able to Dance like no one is watching.
AND smile while I do it.
If you are a "people watcher"....
then I highly recommend this PROM for you.
The wild costumes and giggling folks in them where just
the cheapest good time I've had in a LONG... LONG while.

AND....... IF any of you are wondering
YES...... Elvis IS Alive
I saw him, I hugged him, I talked to him

AND... you bet..... I danced with him.
He was completely fabulous..
I truly smiled, laughed, and full out giggled until my jaws were hurting.
If you don't believe me...
Just take a look at one of my fellow dancers and you'll know why.
Now that is a man who has a wife who knows a secret I have yet to figure out.
How she got him to do that... I'd like to know.
Kori, Cindy, and I had the best Middle-Aged Time a girl can imagine.
Who can resist fun music, great dancing, flea market shopping at midnight,
and most of all a chance to dress up and be amazing.
I came home with millions of incredible ideas..
My sweet mother came down to keep Brady while Brad was at work
so I could set out on my Prom adventure.
She stayed an extra day ( I begged)
and we headed out to Goodwill to find the exact fabrics I'd seen.
I cut out crosses, hearts, and flowers....
and Mom sewed.
We made shirts, and jeans that I'd seen for $99
When you have a mother like mine.....
I just couldn't see paying that for something I knew we could make.
I have the vision, and mom has the skills.
These crosses, words, and hearts were sewn on plain ole flannel shirts.
They were just precious.
And what a Yummy way to jazz up a Yuck flannel shirt.
We made several... I'll have more to show later.
Then we set out to try our hand at the jeans...
Though my precious (June Cleaver) mother felt like cursing....
She finished them for me..
I can't wait to wear them. However I feel like it may be the one and only pair.
I had such an absolutely delightful time!
I would recommend the PRom to any gal who'd love a wonderful night out
filled with laughter, music and shopping.
MMay we never be too old to remember how to have a good time.


deb did it said...

Oh Stacey, isn't it FUN?
I love ya so much....your spirit soars, your creativity flies and talents are in orbit! Rock on Sista!

Darla said...

looks like a fun time! did you stay at deb's?

Staci Danford said...

No.. She was booked up a year in advance.. Cindy found another bed and breakfast in Round Top. Someone cancelled and we got in by sheer luck. Everything around those places fills up way early, and I never know what I'm doing until right before I do it. haha

lori vliegen said...

it looks like you had a GREAT time!! and i just KNEW that elvis was still alive.....! :))

Veronica said...

I hope im dancing like that old girl when Im 70! The prom sounds like a blast.