Friday, October 16, 2009

Brent's Birthday

I just can't seem to ever find the words to express how incredible it is
to have all my kids together at the same time..
However, with one in college, one 16 and Social, and the other attached to my hip....
That is Much Harder than it seems...
Monday was Brent's 20th birthday...
So he came home for the weekend to have his party...
I don't think you ever get too old to want to go to Mom's for your birthday..
I'll be 43 in January and always wait patiently from year to year
for my Mom to make my favorite chocolate cake
with NO icing just for ME..
Little Brady... who hasn't quite figured the whole Birthday thing out yet....
always thinks HE'S having a party...
For some reason we keep singing that song,
and for some reason a magical cake always appears for HIM to eat.
For those of you who remember "my other chocolate blob"
I didn't even attempt anything other than that this time..
A girl knows her weaknesses... haha
However... it's looks (or lack there of) never seem to affect it's taste..
Daddy came down this weekend.
So... even though it isn't any award winner,
we had Brad take our picture all together..
My daddy had every single person in the world he loves right there.
His mother is dead, his dad is dead, and my brother is dead....
SO... literally me and my kids are all in this world that Dad has left.
Every remaining drop of Edgar blood was right there in that picture.
And... when you only have a few people to spoil...
Then rest assured that is what happens...
Brady was singing "Papa is great... He feeds me chocolate cake!"
They ate 3 more pieces...
And when Daddy left on Monday not a single bite was left. haha
Though none of us ever dreamed life would bring us to this point...
I've said before I can't imagine it any other way...
These 2 boys melt my heart each time they are together.
Brent read books to Brady on his new "big boy" bed
for over an hour....
I guess that means I have 2 big boys now..
Brent's main Birthday present (it was not the Batman) haha
was delivered on the day he left to go back to school...
So Brook, Brady and I left yesterday after she got out of school
to go take it to him at Midwestern,
and of course it gave us another chance to
take him out for a second Birthday dinner..
After we finished eating...
We headed back to Brent's dorm to say goodbye
BUT.... not before
Brady had completely entertained Brent's roommate and suitemate.
His little hair was dripping with sweat..
But.. we all got a good laugh.
May we never forget our children are our GREATEST gifts.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures, what wonderful kids!!! Glad the birthday was so very special.

lori vliegen said...

you have the sweetest family!! i'm glad that everyone was together for your son's birthday....and that little brady is too cute eating that cake!! :))

Darla said...

first off, thank you for the kind words and i would absolutely love for you to come back as my kid in your next i would buy you a shiny black guitar with white polka dots on it! HoW fUn! anyway, these are great photos of the kids and your dad. i swear Brent favors him so much. i know what you are saying about the boys melting your heart, i cannot imagine having 2! that is some serious heart melting going on. hope Brent had a good day, you don't look old enough to have a 20 year old, wow!

Amy said...

stumbled on your blog. I have a 22 year old and an 11 year old. You are so right amazing how you can enjoy that last one when it comes along at that time in your life.

deb did it said...

your family is so beautiful...INSIDE and out!