Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I can't believe it's been a WEEK...
Everyone in our house has been trading being sick this week,
and the last one to get it was my Little Man..
And when he feels bad... nothing works but
MOM being attached to his every move.

I have to secretly say that...
I do pretty much enjoy those moments..
He doesn't let me sit and rock with him much any more.
SO... the last couple of days sitting in our chair
with lots of snuggles while we rocked was
truly a tad bit of pleasure for me...
This morning however... he woke up and
wanted to go OUTSIDE....
So we grabbed our bucket of animals and headed out.
Brady is not a big toy playing kid...
He really only plays with his monkeys, dinosaurs, books,
and most of all...
HIS bucket of animals..
(some of which were Brent's, and are now 20 yrs. old)
Today while we were playing he disappeared
and went back in the house..
He came out with his Noah book,
and said "Read it Momma"
I giggled (sometimes out loud) as he started
acting out what I was reading..
Here he is building his arc..
Pretty good work I think for only pliers. haha
We loaded our animals on 2 by 2..
It amazed me that he matched up his little critters.
And if he had 3 of something then....
sorry to say they didn't make our arc.
He only took the "mom and baby matches"

You have to stretch your mind a little to follow our story.
Unless maybe every one's Noah wears a Safari suit,
and their arc looks strangely like a dump truck. haha
But... I've gotta say that's what made our story
Most Fabulous !!!

Once he had all this arc loaded up,
he drove it all around the yard
"it was a short rainy season" haha............
then he took all his matches off of our "boat"
and placed them safely on dry land.
I don't know for sure....
but I'm pretty positive that God was looking down
today at one little fellow ... smiling
Because I was certainly looking at him today thinking.....
that he is the very best of each of us
and I am 100% sure that I smiled...
May we never forget that right in the middle
of an ordinary day...
God can smile right straight down on you !


myletterstoemily said...

super cute noah story! "who built
the ark? noah! noah!"

glad you are all feeling better now.

Teri said...

This is absolutely SO SWEET. Those are the moments that make motherhood so worth it... and yes, God smiles down on us often!

Hope everyone is better!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, of course I am partial to that little guy. I am blessed to know that he has such a special mother.
Love you,

sara's art house said...

Cute, cute!!!!

lori vliegen said...

i think that Brady has the right idea.....i'm sure that Noah would have LOVED to have had a nice sturdy dump truck instead of that ark!!! LOL

many blessings to you and your sweet family this weekend!!! xox, :))

Michelle said...

What a sweet post. But I want to know how many times you had to ask him not to touch the toys while you got a good shot. :)

Happy Easter!

Tawny said...

So sweet. What a heartfelt post, and a happy momma!

Becky said...

Priceless, and yes, I am sure angels were fluttering above him! What a doll! Aren't they smart??? IT's amazing sometimes~ moving back for senior in the world are you going to do this......but excited about our play time.....

Darla said...

I'm sorry you have all been sick! but i was excited to hear that Brooke is coming back! she will pick right up where she left off i'm sure. Senior year here will be a peice of cake for her too. It will certainly be different to actually see you outside of the computer screeen though. lol.

Sarah said...

The closeups of the animals are amazing! Love this story.