Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer Sandbox

Finally Finally I had a small break today!
I've had my face stuck either in my camera
or behind my computer screen for almost 3 full weeks now.
This is always my busiest time of year.
And every year I forget how the time crunch of
Graduation looms overhead
while I try to get all
the Senior pictures taken, cropped, edited,
and invitations made, ordered and delivered.
I finished getting almost
ALL my WORK done
by 2 o'clock today and
decided to take the rest of the
afternoon off and play with my guys
who were already on a MISSION.
The BOYS had set aside today to
get Brady's summer sandbox built and ready to play in.
My sweet Brad.....
who can build absolutely ANYTHING in the world
took Brady to Lowes and bought LUMBER and SAND.
They got home and quickly got to work. space

In LESS than an hour...
The sandbox was made and the hole
was being dug to set it down in.
Of course...
Brad had a little extra HELP
from a small, barefooted, toddling worker.
YET somehow still managed to get it
Looks to me however
like there was a LITTLE Bribery going on.
After a few kisses and 600 lbs of SAND..
The SANDBOX was ready
for a shovel and a little man.
As you can see from the SMILE....
The sandbox was a big success...
and now as my life is about to slow down some...
I can promise that we will all have a little
sand between our toes.

May we NEVER get so busy that
we can't take a moment to
STOP and remember how much
fun a Little Sand can be.


Anonymous said...

Cute little Brady sure is lucky to have such a wonderful dad. He will have many hours of fun in the sandbox this summer.

deb did it said...

this post is precious...SO DARN PRECIOUS

Bringing Pretty Back said...

What great memories! I just discovered your blog , its fantastic!!

Jara said...

So fun!!!! And just fyi, if you are ever interested, Walmart sells colored sand!!! We just bought pink for my daughters sand/water table! I think they have green and blue also!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

love that photo of dad and son. awesome!!

Michelle said...

So true. I still have fond memories of the sandbox we had as a child.