Friday, April 16, 2010

Looking for CALM

Ok... this week I have been having a series of
shall we say "moments"....
I know it is mostly because of the "TOO MUCH" going on my life.
But... never the less it is still a MOMENT.
When I get in FRAZZLE mode
my mind starts searching
for PEACE and CALM.
(Brady and I on the beach in Galveston)
In my search of CALM I start getting RID of everything
that I do not absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE.
SO... I made my self sit down and figure out WHY.
I decided it is because my head seems to know
way before the rest of me figures out
I thought I'd start by digging through
my stash of magazines & home decorating books.
The pictures I was drawn to most every single time
were the simple clean lines, & the tone-on-tone white ones.
(Not exactly the Look I've got going)
This is the view out my window from our River Property..
Being there is the best CALM in my WORLD.
SO....... when I get home from my busy weekend out of town
shooting Senior Pictures
I am going to get busy
working on building some CALM/SIMPLE in my house.
I will have to work on the WHITE part
since I have a house FULL of COLOR.... but
maybe I can slowly blend in the WHITE
with bits of Fabulous EYE POPPING
WOW WEE color thrown in
and of course a few polka dots...
Here are a few places that are inspiring the CALM in me.
If you have time....
Take a LOOK !
(go to their home tour)..... It's a total WOW!
May your weekend be filled with
Bliss and Blessings,
and of course a few DOTS !!


lori vliegen said...

ooooh, yeah.....calm and simple are two of my favorite things (and throw a little chocolate into the mix and now we've got a real trifecta!!!!). i'm wishing you a calm and simple week filled with tranquil white, and a few wow-wee colored polka dots here and there for added happiness!!! xox, :))

Darla said...

i do the same thing...i get overwhelmed and suddenly i want to get rid of everything and see clean lines and surfaces. i seem to juggle back and forth through these phases throughout my!!! lol. have fun. maybe you can make your snyder home clean and white and leave your ft. worth home full of color and have the best of both worlds like hannah montana? lol.

Kathy said...

I'm with you girl. Although I need lots of color, I also need a calm white space. In my old house I had a guest bedroom done all in white. There were beautiful textures, like old lace, needlework, crystal, and mirrors, so it wasn't boring. In my current house I have a cream and blue bedroom, heavy on the cream. It gives my eyes a rest and feels like a meditation. But I can never live without brilliant color; it's where I get my energy.

I love the photo of you and Brady-man. Black and white photography seems to also have a restful, contemplative quality.