Friday, April 9, 2010


Sorry to all My BLOg buddies..
I have been in a whirl-wind of STUFF the last couple of weeks.
But... as I have learned with ALL the other
tough moments in my life
This too shall PASS!!!
Those of you who have been reading my BLOg for very long
know about our ongoing battles with the High School Cheerleading Sponsor.
Truly I can not even think of one nice thing to say about her.
So... for the most part I will leave it at that.
It has made me appreciate ALL THE MORE however
the competitive team she also cheers for.
The coaches there have been the most wonderful people
to be a part of their program.
This is one of Brook's very favorite coaches at the gym..
Mr. T.... has been such a motivator, and such a fun man to work with.
Brook has always been a pleaser and has been my child who
triples her effort for a little praise.
T must have figured that out early and Brook
just thought he was simply incredible..
WE had our last competition and ended it with a BANG.
The girls won high point and got another Jacket...
She's been cheering since she was 6 and I must say
we have gathered lots of jackets along the way. haha
But... this one was special because it was her last time
to cheer in Fort Worth.
After lots of thought, pros and cons list making,
many many prayers, and a meeting with one strangely evil woman...
who will not allow Brook to cheer for Southwest High School next year
because (I summarize) she doesn't like ME.
Mind you... I have had ONE conversation with the woman..
She doesn't think that she can be fair to Brook!!
WHAT ?????
I wasn't aware you could do that in public school.
BUT... I refuse to let whatever MUST be wrong with that woman
push me anywhere near the edge of NEGATIVE..
I have secretly cried several buckets of tears, and
wondered how in the world someone like that can be
in charge of teenage girls.
BUT... one night as I lay in my bed wondering WHY..
I felt a strange sense of peace knowing that
MY CHILD... My one and only GIRL
will no longer be under the influence of
a woman who (in my opinion) has NOOOOOOOOOO
business being in a position of leadership.
Teenagers have a hard enough time
making it through this world we call LIFE...
and MAYBE it takes a GIANT push from a source you
never expected to realize that sometimes
it's just NOT WORTH IT !!!!
After a ridiculous meeting with the principal of Southwest High School
she assured me that this decision was in the best interest of MY child.
As I left her office in tears I wondered HOW.....
BUT... now I know
we have decided that it would be best for Brook
to go back to Snyder for her Senior Year.
She, Brady and I will be moving there the first of August
for her to start school in a place that
even after being gone for 4 years......
STILL feels a lot like HOME.
I know it won't be easy only seeing Brad on weekends,
but... it's ONLY for 10 months...
people in the military do it all the time.
Men and Woman all over the world make
sacrifices for their children.
We only have one shot at raising them...
and all we can do is our BEST..
So... to all of Brook's friends
who will be trying out for cheerleader tomorrow
at Southwest High School without her...
We do wish you the very best of LUCK...
May we all realize that God promises us
ALL things work together for his good.
Not some things, and NOT only the things we expected....
But ALL things !!!


Tawny said...

Wow, you HAVE had a lot going on. And some tough decisions to make for your baby and family. Hope life settles as do you and your family with your move and changes!!

Darla said...

i'm sure that was a huge decision for your family! and i'm sure that Brook will have a wonderful senior year. i'm not always positive about Snyder, but deep down i do know that it is a great place for the kids. welcome back!

deb did it said...

Oh Honey...I wish I could hug you real big and hard right now.

lori vliegen said...

i'll be keeping you and your sweet family in my prayers. i hope you can feel my arms around you giving you a big ol' hug........xox, :))

the gypsy chick said...

Staci, This post broke my heart. My daughter cheered for a competitive team since she was 6 years old & her freshman year choked on tumbling & didn't make the high school team. The sponsor took majority of the girls that had been in gymnastics over the girls that had cheer experience. At the time I was a bit angry because this is a cheer program, not just gymnastics, but as you know the tumbling matters.

My daughter decided to go ahead an try the dance team, made alot of good friends (less drama) & this past week made the Varsity dance squad. To be honest she is so much more happy than if she would have been on the other team.

Just before cheer tryouts this year, the sponsor asked me if Morgan would consider trying out for cheer again. I told her no, that God put us on this path for a reason, what ever reason it was. She was speechless.

The reason that I am telling you this is because for what ever reason, God has put your family on a new path, enjoy the journey.

p.s. we used to cheer against TCC & they would beat us everytime :) it is an amzing team.

LauraReed said...

I'm like you, how could that woman possibly be allowed around girls who are at such a formidable age? I'm sure it will be hard for you to be away from your husband but like you said, it's only for 10 months. Although I don't live in Snyder anymore I'm happy that both my girls had the opportunity to experience that "small town" feeling. I think it will be such a happy time for a MoM and Daughter to really bond before she steps out into the bigger picture. I commend you for what you are doing in creating a more pleasant place for her to "enjoy" her senior year!!! Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way!!!!

Beth said...

1. i have a new appreciation for my mom
2. i guess the parenting obstacles only get harder. yikes!